The adventures of Whiney Rotter

Ever buy something ya wish you didn’t?

For example about two months ago I bought a mitre saw, I couldn’t afford the DeWalt one, so I bought a Rona special for $69.99 bucks.  Cheap.  I came home with a smile on my face and even bought an expensive bottle of wine ’cause I saved so much money.  The saw worked, I mean the blade turned and everything, but it wobbled and swayed and the cuts were sloppy and uneven.  I was pissed.  How the hell could they sell me such a pile of shit? I wanted to know.  I wanted to return it, but felt compelled to “learn” how to use it, I tried everything to make a clean cut, the wood would always flake and the blade (factory made mind you) would grind.  I finished the bottle of wine that very first night and now I’m stuck with a saw I don’t really want. What a rip off.

About a week ago I went back into the shop and walked out with a brand NEW DeWalt mitre Saw. For $399.99.  Was it more expensive?  Much.  Did I buy a bottle of wine?  Yes, but I bought a $12 bottle, not a $34.  Was I happy?

If I knew THEN what I know NOW about Mitre Saw’s, I NEVER would have wasted my time with the Rona Saw.  All it did was make me question the integrity of the store that carried it.  I wasted my time, my patience and my money by NOT buying a high quality piece of equipment right from the start.  I should have known.  This is the lesson I learned…

The bitterness of low quality or service will linger long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.  It’s inevitable

  • 2 Cent Danny

    Yea I agree, I was just thinking a few days ago about when you see something you want and you think “I can make that, and I can save a few bucks….” then you find out about half way thru the project it will cost you more and wont work nearly as well. “But your half way thru… I cant stop here… must finish…. crap.” But then again, you made it (inner pride and joy).

    *Insert whiney face as well

  • Senan

    Best post on a climb blog I’ve ever read in my whole life (not very long time in grand scheme of things, but still intended as a compliment).

  • Apes

    Is that your mug shot?

  • Dennis

    Sonnie, What would be a perfect garage campus board? Height, angle, size of rungs?

  • sonnie

    Yes, mug shot, I had the police dept, send it over from Boulder Co.

    Dennis, yes, I’ll get back to you as soon as I have a chance. I’m psyched for your project, building a campus board rules. If I don’t get back to you soon, please email me, I’ll do all that I can to get you set up.