Since I’m not allowed to write about my opinions anymore, I shall stick to the simple facts.  Check out what these guys have come up with, holy crap I really want one.  Since I’m not lucky enough to live in a tropical paradise, I have to feed my addiction for fun with what I’ve got.  Ha, don’t we all?  And although we don’t have rolling set after rolling set of perfect longboarding waves here in the Howe Sound, we will have to settle for hills, and NOW thanks to these guys, that doesn’t seem like such a bad option any more.

This company called Kahuna Creations(.com) set out to make the wild, flowing roads a playground for adults.  I have not tried this yet, but its intent is to re-create the dynamic feel of paddleboarding, which is the latest craze in many surf towns around the world.  People are taking up paddle boarding faster than you can say “dude, what about Clark Foam” and for reasons that do not have to be explained.

Of course not everyone is going to ride such an aggressive wave, but when you think that you can link wave after waves and even break after break on these boards, it becomes clear why they’re so popular, well, that and Laird Hamilton paddled across the English Channel on one.  But it is something I wish I could get into and absolutely will as soon as possible.  I know this isn’t climbing related, but life is not always climbing, it’s a vast world of beauty and expression and art.  I suppose I just wanted to share with you something I find interesting, and maybe you too will get the feelings of joy from these images.

On a similar topic, check out what these guys are doing, man I LOVE INNOVATION – they have recreated the cycling experience for the indoors.  It’s like a live video game that you get into, it monitors your heart rate, your speed and all your other calculations, it throws wind in your face when you earn it, it throws hills in front of you both up and down when you least expect it, it pushes your legs, pumps your heart and the whole time you could be at home watching the baby while mommy’s out shopping.  Superb.  Now affording this set up may be a tight pinch, but if cycling is your gig and you live in a place or a world that makes it too hard to get out everyday, this may be a road for you.  I hope it generates some interest, even though I don’t cycle myself, I have a heap of friends who do and I can understand their passion completely, I feel as though I can relate.  Actually when I think about it, perhaps one of the reasons I got into climbing was because it was affordable, well, it was awesome, and it was affordable.  ha.  grin.

  • JD

    No Opinions!? That’s half the reason I check your site out, even though I usually find myself in the opposite camp of thought. Keep it raw and unfiltered man.

  • Sonnie

    Sup JD, okay okay, for you, I will keep up with my useless opinions. The funny thing about them is that they always change and sometimes I say things only because that was the way I saw them at the time, during that moment, then I re-read it again later and I might say hold on, I don’t feel that way anymore. Opinions are expressed to spark creativity, when I read a good rant, I try to not agree or disagree, just absorb it and allow it to sink in for later, but I appreciate the encouragement to keep it RAW, and that I shall.

    IN the meantime, I’ll leave you with this little story, ever hear of TJ Knowles of San Diego? Me neither, but he made a sweet comment on yesterday and I thought I would share it…

    “On Monday I took my Toyota Matrix (best car I’ve ever had – except for my 1930 Model A) to a guy who is one of the most intelligent, practical and highly skilled men I have ever known. He works as a handyman, but his experience and expertise as a mechanic, expert welder, and all-around construction problem-solver are a constant amazement to me.

    He completed some major brake work and electrical repair, gave me great advice and sent me on my way with an invoice that would have been triple at any Dealer service.

    During our conversation, he said he was concerned about the economy and his workload.

    It occurred to me – and I told him, that he was mistaken – that he was sitting in the catbird seat and would thrive in this dismal economy because he actually KNOWS HOW TO DO THINGS. And the things he knows how to do are a staple in today’s world.

    In some ways, the cliff-diving our economy has been doing is a blessing – we are getting the big wake-up call to see that we have become a nation of consumers – not producers. We have invented 200 names for money, and none of them is worth a tinker’s dam now.

    We are clever manipulators of information, which translates into zippo-nada-zero in a world in which Substance now rises from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix, devouring the pathetic, paper-pushing and ethernet-laced house of cards we have been referring to for years as an “unstoppable” economy.

    It is still a real world. Tools, hard work, physical labor and a laborer’s pride will be the honorable watchwords of the day.

    I watch Ken as he struggles with my car’s serpentine belt that fights him for control.

    Ken will win.”

  • elias

    well, i wouldn’t consider just cycling as an alternative but maybe every other sport that makes us tick , not as hard like climbing but very close. In my case , Capoeira is an ancient martial art that connects my african roots(even if i’m mexican/venezuelan/french) with a very exciting sport. I’d never change climbing for capoeira nor capoeira for climbing. anyway , doing other stuff makes you wiser. i could tell you how awesome surfing, scuba diving, and sky diving are also, but that’s just my personal opinion. This is all about doing whatever the fuck you love, right sonnie?

  • Reggie


    Glad to hear you’re not gonna keep your opinions to yourself anymore. I feel the same way about thoughts I’ve written down in the past. no matter how old I am, the things that came out of my mouth a year ago were naive and ridiculous. and as a rule, no matter how old I am, I know everything. in fact I’ll probably read this in a year and think, “God, I was so stupid then.”

    but really I think the fear of being wrong, or of being ridiculed, stifles creativity and causes people who would have valuable things to share to keep quiet. thanks for being honest and enthusiastic!

    that said, holy moly that bike game is the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen. 😀

    but thanks for sharing it!


  • Stray Cat

    The blogs that I’m drawn to reading are the ones that are honest and REAL. ST, yours is like the food that I choose to eat—real, organic, extra virgin. Thanks for sharing. Keep evolving . . . Peace!

  • Dom

    Canada = Rivers = Surfing!!

    Think your at opposite ends of the country though, Corran’s a cool dude, practically invented playboating as we know it today.

    Getting tube on a river – no probs!

    Good blog – keep it up..


    Ireland – where it’s really cold!