something so small

Today I finished my antibiotics. 7 days.  If you haven’t stopped by for a while, know that I got a weird infection under my finger nail from a small cuticle tear and now I’m sidelined from climbing.  I can still train a little bit, I’m doing dead hangs with my left hand and just yesterday I did a few one arm chin ups both left and right.  But here’s the problem, I can’t hold small edges.  If I can’t stay strong, I won’t want to travel to Bishop and if I don’t go to Bishop, I might lose my mind, but then if I lose my mind, at least I’ll come to my senses.

Here is a picture my buddy Jordan Wright took of a boulder I did in Bishop during my last visit there in 2006.  Wills Young says it’s been done before, and thinks it will go from the direct start.  I trust him, he’s wicked strong and a cool cat, but I remember the rock being really dirty at first and I broke two or three holds trying to climb it.  In the end, we did a shoulder stand start, two perfect edges, and then into a highball sequence, it’s one of the best problems I’ve ever done in my life, about V8 or V9 with an exciting last move.   Does anyone have any info to add????  Thanks to the spotters, you know who you are. I was hoping to go back and run another lap, maybe in the new year.

So, back to the little things, HAVE you ever had a blade shoved into your cuticle?  I have.  I’ll spare you the details, but take care of your scrapes and bruises, it may turn into a bigger problem than you bargained for.  At least I have time to catch up on my taxes.

I find it AMAZING how something soo small can effect our life in such a huge way.  Sometimes it’s not even the big things that matter, it’s the little things – and that goes the other way too.  If you bring home fresh flowers to your girl, or leave her a little note under the pillow, you might make her whole week.

Last month, I dropped $400 bucks (I don’t have) on my van all because a tiny little mouse chewed through my wires.  Apparently, it was trying to burrow a nest and decided my car’s engine was as good a place as any.  I may be to blame, I think I left an apple core in the cup holder over night, that was all it took.  The next thing I know, I’m stalling my Safari in the driveway and I’ve got an important date with the Dairy Queen.  Man that pissed me off.  That little pecker of a mouse, ruined my whole month, I had to get it to the garage, illegally, then wait four days for a repair and then dish out three months worth of family guy DVD rentals to get it back again.  I hope he enjoyed the wires, that was expensive dinning on his part and just think, I used to like mice.  Screw em.  Screw’em all and may they burn in the fiery depths of hell.

  • Suzanne

    Have you come to your senses yet by any chance? Sounds like your treatment is almost over, so that infection is likely almost gone now?
    As for those mice. OMG, you’ve not had much luck lately have you, with that and your infected finger.

    BTW, and this might cheer you up a bit; apparently you’re the hottest climbing dude out there. Just thought you may like to know that, you got the most votes from.. many.
    Being not the modest type either, it gains you much credit.

  • David

    Damn, I had no idea hot tubs could be so treacherous!! Hope you get better soon, that sucks man!

  • supafly

    what happened to riding your bike dairy queen sonnie? 🙂

  • KenC

    Yep, that’s why I feel no remorse when my 11yr old husky catchs and eats those furry little devils.

  • Yo Yo Sonnie

    Not sure why I never checked out your site before. Love your blog. Let’s hook up soon and chat a bit. Lots on the go and would love to get you involved a little.

    Speak to you soon