Well, there is not much to report here because I’ve been busy with other things. But I do have some good news and bad news, first, the bad news, I woke up one day (4 or 5 days ago) with a severe pain in my right arm pit (scary), I figured I had torn one of my muscles while training on the woody or something. Nope. Not even close.

As it turns out, I had torn the cuticle of my pointer finger from crimping too hard. Ever done that? U tear the skin away from your nail and it starts to bleed just a little? I’ve done it lots, and over the last 12 years of climbing, I’ve never felt pain in my arm pit before. wtf?

What happened was, I ripped the skin during a pimp session, then later that night sat in a hot tub and got bacteria in the cut, thus (we assume) infecting the wound. Gross I know, but I am only telling you for the greater good, if I can stop just one other person from exposing themselves to this atrocious little mishap, I’ve done my job. By the way, the one and only reason NEVER to sit in a hot tub is this: they breed bacteria and I will never (repeat: never) get in one again (except when I drink), they are disgusting, I’m only sticking to hot showers, hot baths (in my own tub), flowing natural hot springs, oceans and fresh water lakes.

So two days later I’m in the drop in clinic with a finger tip the size of a jawbreaker, and the gray haired Doctor says to me, “Dude, looks like you gots paronychia ombre.” I say, “well what the hell is Paronychia?”

Basically it’s an acute infection that hovers around the finger nail lining, it’s brutal and gnarly and it hurts like all hell, just to lay down at night. The infection, because I am a retard and ignored it for a couple of days, spread up my arm and irritated the glands in my armpit, they swelled up like golf balls and now because of one crimp too many and one ‘cest pool’ of an idea (it felt good at the time) I’m on the injured list with a purple Q-tip for a finger. Why didn’t anybody tell me about this? It didn’t even occur to me that a microscopic tear could side-line me so hard. Apparently nail bitters and bar tenders get this all the time. Fuck that. It’s not worth it. I’m on biotics now and I hate biotics cause they suck, but whats worse, losing a finger or stomach pain?

So now for the good news. The great fellows of Hot Aches Productions won three awards at the Banff International Mountain Film Festival this past weekend. Holy crap. Three? The good news for me, is that the 8 min film they made about my mini epic on Rhapsody won the Best Short Film Award and will be touring around the world with the Best of the Fest and the Radical Reels Tour. This is good for two reasons –

One: My mom and dad can be proud of me again because Banff is sort of a big deal in Canada, grin.

Two: I’ve yet to see the film, but hope to catch it when it comes through Vancouver. and I hope I don’t look too stupid, which is easily done, so I’m hoping.

And of course distant reason number three, I’d also like to see all the other outstanding films that will be featured on the BIMFF tour, it’s worth the 12 bucks I think. Now, I can brag about this because it has nothing to do with my climbing, it’s all about the talented filming and the magical editing. Congratulations to those boys and girls over the pond and keep an eye open for their new release, Committed 2. It’s a real cliffhanger.

  • Sonnie, how could you say that about hot tubs after our magical night together? Does this mean it will never happen again? Don’t say that…

  • Danny

    Dang, One of my friends started going blind because he got an infection in his eye from a dirty hot tub

  • Suzanne Ovenden

    Yup! Totally true regarding hot tubs, baths etc, that is why I stick to showers – the dirt goes straight down the drain. Sorry to hear about your infection, ensure to take the full course of antibiotics or it won’t do it’s full job either, and unfortunately right now you will most certainly need those. Wash your hands after climbing in future with antibacterial soap for at least a minute, or/and the hand cleansing gel, will work a treat and help prevent another infection. Why didn’t anyone tell you? Maybe they never knew much as you didn’t until.. Signs and symptoms are usually; pain (as you found out), swelling, redness; and/or oozing at the site. Take care and hope it heals ‘fast’ for you.

  • Suzanne Ovenden

    LOL@Furry’s comment.

  • Adam

    Had the same thing happen to my finger a couple years ago, it does hurt. It was equally bad having the doctor throw her whole body weight on it to squeeze the juice (for lack of a better, more disgusting term) out of the infected area. Good luck man!

  • Sonnie

    Thanks for the good ju ju guys and gals. Yes, it hurts, but I seem to be taking to the Cipro now, so the swelling is down and the juice is flowing out. so psyched. I think I’ll be climbing again in about five or six days. Please, everyone, try to avoid this if you can. ha ha. It’s no laughing matter.

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