Today it rained, after a greasy spoon breakfast at Chef D’s, I locked myself in my garage and started building things out of wood, I love building, and climbing and training for climbing. We built this amazing woody wall at my friend Jamie’s house about a week or two ago. We’ve been doing some awesome sessions on it lately and it’s good to know I haven’t lost all my power this summer, it’s only about 9 feet high but it packs a serious punch and was designed to flush out “ones” weaknesses. Both left and right sides are identical, so it’s easy to see after a few different variations what needs work. For me, it’s underclings. We had four people over today, a perfect crew of iron monkeys to keep the spirits high during this temporary rain spell. I’m already talking about Bishop and counting down the days. Here’s a picture of our talented friend Abby Smith from Boulder CO cranking out on the same woody 2 years ago in Squish.

So on another note, all you freaky guys and girls were right about youtube all along, it’s brah-brilliant. I’m so lucky, I was able to find the ‘worlds fastest punch’ on the internet and it only took about 3 min of surfing. Check this out and don’t try this at home. by the way Justin I think you’re right and John Gill is my long time hero. Ever check out his website?

  • Apes

    OMG! I don’t get it

  • Sonnie

    Are you telling me that you didn’t laugh when you saw this guy punching his refrigerator for 18 seconds. Jeeez, April, tell me you didn’t laugh. I thought you had a better sense of humor than that. I’m still laughing as I write this, that guy is freaking hysterical, oh crap I just peed myself, gotta go.