Dope on a Rope?

Okay, so since the new site layout, I’m going to try and link my very first youtube video on here and don’t worry, it’s not Sarah Palin. Now as we all know, youtube is an excellent way to destroy time, burn your retina and make a complete fool of yourself, all of which I’m sure I have accomplished at some point in my recent life. Not that I’m a net freak or anything, but I know what a computer is, and there have been some clips I wanted to see, for example the crux beta on Dream Catcher, plus it rained today here in Squamish and we don’t have a TV, so…

Ever heard of rope climbing? No, not roped climbing. Remember gym class? Remember the teenage girls always coming down ever so slowly, almost a rhythmic decent, with a big mysterious smile on their faces? Ah, rope climbing, yes well, the gosh darn Euro’s have taken it (like most things) to another level again, and they are no dope. They squeeze themselves into a tight pair of shorts, pat their palms full of chalk and with the official sit start, campus up the 8 meter rope to tag the bell at the top, at which point, you must come down so the next near naked guy in tight bright shorts can have a go at it. Usually at the end of such a flamboyant day, they reveal a winner, the fastest guy to the top wins, no style points here people. In fact, there is a world champion if I’m not mistaken and a world record holder too. I’m sure these guys are strong, but I got my money on Canadian Farm boy Nels Rosaasen and the Slat Lake Destroyer Steven Jeffries, it would be cool to see what those guys could do. Any takers? Anyone? A trip to Prague perhaps? After seeing this clip, (although not nearly as half as cool as climbing rocks) I may just get myself a rope and see what comes of it, if nothing else I can donate it to the high school when I get bored.

Now before you watch this (the second guy is WAY faster) I must apologize for it’s obviously clear that this videographer doesn’t own any editing software, otherwise he/she wouldn’t have shown 14 seconds of real sports action in a boring 2 and half minute clip. Also, they surely would have cut out the last guy completely (see: on deck in rainbow striped shorts) . On second thought, those shorts with THAT hair sort of makes it okay, and in all the whole video worth watching. Wouldn’t you say?


  • Nick Sagar

    My money is on Nels. I know he already owns the shorts!

  • You’re crazy strong dude!

  • ktmt

    Strange climbing sport? You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen this:

  • supafly

    dude i think you’re in for a lot more youtubing – it’s gonna be raining in squamish for some time yet 🙁

  • Danny (Big D)

    Nick is spot on, Nels moustache could run laps on these guys…..

  • Justin

    John Gill was really into this sport in college, I think he won a championship or something.

  • Apes

    We thoroughly enjoyed that video, especially that wonderful bast on rainbow ass at the end!!