During this years election, I sort of felt like a team player who’s been benched. Riding the pine as they say. Ever sit on the sidelines of a really big game that you really want to play, but you can’t. You have no control, you just have to sit back powerless and watch the outcome unfold. That’s exactly how I felt while we waited for the big news. Who would be the new president of the United States of America? Sometimes, I wish Canadians could cast just half a vote, I mean surely our voices ned to be heard, some of what happens down there in the real world, effects us Canadians as well – to a degree anyway. Regardless, it’s done and I (like so many others) are happy to announce that John McCain will not be president. It’s a time for change. Ladies and Gentleman, in case you are oblivious allow me to introduce BARACK OBAMA as the new leader of the big Five-O a.k.a The free world.  Keep on rocking.

Barack is obviously the man to turn this country around. Remember what it was like 8 years ago? His values, his ideas, his track record prove that it is going to be a good four years. And so the world united and celebrated. All people of shape, size, color and gender came together to wave the flag, hug and kiss and be merry. I hope you too are celebrating this monumental occasion, it’s history in the making and we were right in the THICK if it.

We promise, we will never die. God Bless!

  • caroline

    It is not just the Canadians who wished they could have helped vote for US President! I bet you enjoyed researching this post or are a lot of these pictures from your personal collection ;o)
    Have a good day.

  • Dustin

    I don’t think I’ve seen freedom look so effin’ hot. God Bless America.

  • Suzanne

    What I like about Obama is he’s down to earth, realistic, and doesn’t come across falsely. That classic Bush pic kind of suits him don’t you think? Here’s to freedom, I’m be visiting ‘home sweet home (U.K) next month, 10 days isn’t going to be long enough my friends back home said, so now it’s the whole month :))

  • Apes

    You dirty dog!

  • will

    I really like how those photos progress. My train of thought works the same way.