This morning over my Nicaraguan coffee blend, I stumbled upon a quote that I took a picture of from months and months ago during my travels, and five minutes later, I fond another. I realized I must enjoy quotes that inspire me. So I have a small collection of snap shots of them. Today, for no reason at all I decided to try and find an image I took to match the saying. So here goes, four picture for four quotes. Sort of an artistic approach to todays blog. An artist who shares their art is a brave soul. They are revealing something about themselves, the way they see the world, and they are open to both criticism and praise alike. Respect to them. Now I have to go and work. I’ve got a garage these days and I need to go in there and build something, it’s my duty as a man. I got some wood and I’ve got some tools, and there is nothing more rewarding than creating something from nothing. ha ha ha.

A purple sky over the plains of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.

Kurt getting in over his head on the Slit Beaver 5.10 (solid) in Squamish BC.

Lev Pinter and I taking the fun way down from North Mountain, Hueco Tanks, Texas.

After a long sweat cleansing hike, Chris Weldon enjoys the view off the third summit of the Chief.  BC.

Big Willy Stanhope reminding us that jumping off a pier in Southern California is always the best way into the water.  Just watch out for scrap metal and those pesty coast guards.

  • Joe

    Truly inspiring Sonnie. The pictures match up quite well.