When I woke up this morning my sister had sent me a forwarding message about Niagara Falls.  At first I thought how cool it was my sister (a non climber) was taking such an interest in preserving the bouldering at risk.  But then I saw the pictures and realized  they had nothing to do with rocks, but everything to do with Niagara and winter cold.

And then it occurred to me, I have not yet signed the petition to help save the Glen from closure. So I did it right away and passed on the link to ten other friends who also signed.  Please, if you get a chance take the time to type your name and click continue.  It only takes a second and it could be your vote, your voice that makes a difference.  The Ontario Access Coalition has made it quick and easy for us, the least we can do is show them our support.  Sign your name, tell your story and never forget that a committed group of like minded people can change the world, it’s possibly the only thing that ever has.  Please click on this link and make it happen, just think of all your favorite problems and it won’t be hard.  It doesn’t matter where you live or where you climb, we need to all stick together to help preserve our climbing destinations. Who knows, you may find yourself in Ontario to visit family or on a business trip and where are you going to go when that trip causes stress and unwanted feelings of tension?  Yes, the strip club is always an option, but there is no substitute for a good session on the blocks of Niagara.  Go now…

I’ll leave you with these pictures my sister sent me from 1911, the day the falls froze over and there was not a single climber around with ice tools or fruit boots.  tsk, tsk, what a shame.  But what a beauty.

  • JD

    That link says comments have to be in before October 19??

  • I’ve never been to the Glen, but I signed anyways!

  • Dustin Harris

    Jamie, you should go, it’s sick. Some ultra-classics there.

  • Dennis

    Thanks for posting this Sonnie! For those still stuck in Ontario, the Glen is very important!

  • Erik Hagen

    I like freedom, so I’ve signed this. Good luck to you Ontarians!

  • Adam

    Hey man, thanks for posting this and spreading the word. I think it’s definitely possible to combine responsible usage of a resource and applied conservation management to keep the area open, hopefully we can all work together to make it happen!