Whassup ya’ll?

I literally  just stepped off another airplane. This time landing in Vancouver coming from LAX (a city you could not pay me enough to live in).   I was in Ventura (now we’re talking) for five days to visit the patagonia family and talk shop and alas I am home again, well, almost home.  Waiting for a shuttle.

So, did you hear?  The word is out.  Alpinist is over, the adventure is done.  But did they summit?

I look back on the last 25 issues and I say without a hint of hesitation that ‘yes’ they did.  Alpinist proudly reached the top – 25 fucking times.  It’s not an easy task to put together something like that, and I for one am grateful they did.  We all knew the financial roots of the company were shallow and perhaps its demise was innevitable,  but every time I saw a new issue I was stoked and excited to turn the stories over, page by page.  The look, the feel, the dedication was all a refreshing bath.

I had the pleasure of writing and submitting for Alpinist a few times, t’was rewarding to see my efforts layed down on those big uncluttered pages so carefully, I’m sure many of the contributers feel this way -and as a reader, I feel the same.

Thanks to Christian and all the other hard workers for bringing us so much inspiration, so much talent and so much style.  You certainly left us with a memorable last issue, number 25 may go down in history and Warren Harding with his bulbous red nose and mischievous grin, he will proudly lead the way.

He always has.

  • I cried a little.

  • Laurie

    Re your comment on LA: I grew up there. You couldn’t pay me to go back. The epitome of consumerism, excess, exploitation of resources, Humvee limos, pollution, waste. The harbinger of mankind’s destruction of the earth. British Columbia, on the other hand, is paradise. I’d pay to live there.