A first for everything!

I’ve owned and operated this site for over two years now – and it’s been a great experience. But we are moving on and trying to keep up with the changing times and declining markets.  This is my first blog on the new site layout,  we hope you like it.  And because this is more of a test than anything, I want to keep it short.

Last night I was talking to a few friends around the beer keg and the topic of blogging came up, one them revealed his addiction to my site and I was flattered.  I told him the way it usually starts is by enjoying some natural herbs and remedies and then sitting down to write an email to someone.  Perhaps I’m somewhere new or I’ve had a few fresh experience, an idea and I want to write it down, but in the end, I say fug it and I make it into a blog instead.  Of course, now I have to sensor things (even if just a little bit) because the world would probably hate me if I ever revealed all of my no bullshit opinions.  But I have to remember that sometimes my family reads this site, teenage climbers, fellow friends and of course my sponsors.  Soon, I’ll be a politically correct rock climbing magazine which re-writes everyone’s essays and picks the same photographers every single issue.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

So, the Red River Gorge is alive with dusty palm climbers, every crag has a dozen or so cars parked in front of it and the energy is great.  Unfortunately this year, it’s a wee bit hot. Like 85 degrees.  Great for recreational climbing but if you want to climb at your limit, be prepared to use a lot of chalk.  I tried Transworld a few times, philosophically speaking I’d say it’s about 5.14a and a good pitch of pulling – but by the time I drag my beer belly up to the top of the Madness Cave I’m drenched in perspiration and I’ve fallen off five times. ha. Life. I think I just need to not be such a wuss bag, either way, it’s a great way to gain some mileage.

Also, it’s truly great to be back at the Red.  When I was living in Ontario, a group of us would come down every spring and fall for some tugging. It was an amazing way to gauge our progress every six months. Gawd damn if it isn’t just beautiful here.  The leaves are turning red and the sky is blue, I wish I could stay for another month.  It’s only going to get better.  See ya’ll at the big party tonight, I’m looking forward to the Lexington bands, live music with concert quality sound systems.  I might be crawling home tonight.

  • Looks awesome there right now. I am jealous and wish I was there. Sounds like there is a ton of good energy there right now even though it is hot.

  • Fre

    Despite getting the logic that you need to sensor a bit, I would greatly appreciate it if you keep shocking people a little from time to time. It’s your own blog damned.

  • Tracy

    I like it all man, I like the content, I like the preaching, especially when I don’t agree, I like the motto, the new look, the bike (just got one myself) and the passion. You ever want to do a Japan tour (climbing/skiing), digs I can offer in the mid of Tokyo.