God is in the rain!

I’m not a religious man per se, (I use the words ‘per se’ to sound more intelligent than I really am, thank god for google) but I do believe that there is something far bigger and greater than the world we think we know and understand. Bare with me – but when I look at an ant crawling on the floor, I wonder if it realizes anything about our human world. What we’ve done to the planet, the cost of development, reading and writing, cars or aircrafts, TV and radio? Does it know anything about us? Personally I’d say no, an ant only knows its tiny little world and what it has to do to survive. Well, sometimes I feel like we are those little ants, and we don’t know shit about the bigger world outside of us and likely, we never – ever – will. Some call this larger force God, while others call is Nature, it’s all the same thing really, just a different title and a slightly different belief system for the same unexplainable power beyond our scope.

Yesterday was Sunday. A day to relax. I went to yoga class at 10am and then came home to work in my garage. I went for a small hike and sat on my porch to watch the rain fall. It was incredible the way it gathered on the leaves outside my steps, the small droplets of water collected like an army and stood side by side to create one huge water drop. The leaf began to sag. I watched as this mass of crystal clear liquid collected more and more water to create a bubble so big it nearly spilled over the edge of it’s perch. This is when I got my camera. To document this one moment of truth.

All that exists is born to die. In this case, the water drop is getting too big for its own good and the strength of the leaf can no longer support it, and of course only moments after this picture, the water cascaded over the edge and onto the grass below, creating a new cycle of life all over again, just in a different way and in a different spot. The force continues. When people say, save the planet, save the planet, I think they mean to say, save the human race, save the human race. Because in the end, the force will go on, with or without us. It always has.

Squamish is so beautiful this time of year, the Chief soaks in golden light during the evenings and the rock is sticky as shit on a blanket.

Three days ago it started raining here in Squamish, on and off – crap. I love the rain, I love the snow, I really do, but I think I love climbing more than both of them combined and correct me if I’m wrong, but climbing in the rain is not an easy task. The night before the first cloud rolled in, Lydia and I busted out a beautiful 5.12b finger crack at the Smoke Bluffs behind our house. It doesn’t look like much, but it climbs like a 5 star route. I hope to go back and solo it soon, it would almost seem easier to solo than to stop and fidget with gear the whole way. I cannot recall its name, but it’s an old Peter Croft route, (of course) and it was done in the early 80’s, when Croft was on a rampage here. He must have hiked every square inch of rock line in the Squamish Valley, because he’s got first ascents at crags I’ve never even heard of or been to yet. His appetite for climbing is unrivaled, except for maybe Lynn Hill and/or Wolfgang Gullich. So today, I’m going to be a little more like Croft and a little less like Homer Simpson, with my rain jacket in hand, I’m off to explore a new crag I’ve heard about, deep in the forest of mystery. And when I find what I’m looking for I’m going to spray all about it. Spray, Spray and more Spray, better get your umbrella, it’s going to be a wet winter. Hoo Hoo Ha ha! But not to worry, god is in the rain.

  • lili

    Thank you.

    It’s always nice to read out side, about something i belive deep inside… it was simple and true. keep on!

  • Paul B

    Better stated than most anybody else I’ve ever heard. Do you believe in a greater power (ie God, Nature), or just a greater universe in which we are such an infintesimal speck that we cannot possibly begin to understand it? If that even makes any sense… 🙂


  • Suzanne

    You’re right in saying the Chief is so beautiful this time of year, hiked all 3 peaks of it yesterday with the hiking group, loved every minute, and came down the squaw (east side trail) alone – not intentionally alone but hey! that was some great scrambling fun I must say.
    As to the rain.. welcome to the rain forest 🙂
    Do as I do, get up to Whistler/ Cypress mountain when it’s raining (during ski season) it is always snowing there when raining everywhere else..

  • elias

    here’s what i have to say about almighty GOD… i’m an agnostic myself and yeah i’ ve had my really deep moments just watching nature interact with us and everything in between…just like sonnie says…god is nature, but we are also god, and god is climbing , and god is yoga too , so instead of thinking how little we can be in this nearly impossible to describe and huge universe we can think about HOW BIG WE ARE!!! the endless possibilities of doing great things ‘cos we can be greater than this at all times(if we are god then we must be huge too). so…after writing this i’m gonna crush a project i’ve been trying and beat every fuckin limit in my head!!! lol. ALL IS ONE, ONE IS ALL.

  • stewart

    i’m sure these thoughts are among those in the mind of a somali girl before she is raped and murdered in a lawless society the privelaged west chooses to ignore.

  • Dean

    Spider or Fly…which are you sonnie?