Brittany Griffith caught during a very rare moment talking on her celly, hmmmmmm!  Getting a photo of her without her iphone is like getting a photo of Adam without a penis on his shoulder.  Doesn't happen so often.

But wait, here's an OP, no phone, just a handfull of sandstone and only inches from the anchor.  BG sticking it out on one of the areas prettiest 5.12b's.  Making it look easy. 


It's NEVER too early to start celebrating.  Check out those 'pimpin and crimpin' shot glasses.  One of them now belongs to me. 

Bottoms up ladies. 10:45 am and beer just isn't cutting it no mo'.  Andrew, Adam and myself between redpoint burns at the Prophecy Wall.


Adam with a penis on his shoulder.  What sort of sick joke is this?  Apparantly dis is what'll happen if you fall asleep 2 soon, just as long as the pen is the only thing touching your shoulder, – it's all in good fun.


Warming up on the left side. Apres greasy spoon breakfast and yard sale.

The big guy, Kristo T – bearing down on thin crimps riding 5.12.  Getting familiar with the rock and the area is key to planning ones strategy. My partner for the 24 HHH is rolling in today, finally.  JT.  Some of you may remember him from late nights in Joshua Tree or perhaps Rock and Ice and Climbing Magazine.  He is an all around funny guy, smack talker, jack walker and a huge fan of this website.  Wish us luck and I hope we don't fall asleep too early.

  • Lucas

    Chastinky, Wig, Bronco and I managed to sulk by, having a good time w/o the Pati’ crew. It was a near empty porch, but an amazing night still. This last week has been chalked up as one of my best weeks ever thanks to all at the cabin. Amazing job this weekend, and I cannot wait ’til another day rolls around where we meet again. I have chalked up 7 hours sleep since waking up Saturday morning! Way too many photos on the way.

  • Bill D

    That sure does look like a fine bottle of Tequila! Hope that wasn’t a traced pic on his shoulder 😉


  • That was not traced, however he thought that he had been “branded” in the mouth for a couple of days before finding out that it was “only a drawing on your shoulder.” He climbed all day the next day with his shirt off, exposing his cockshoulder.

    All in good fun. And Bronco (cockshoulder) is actually leaving the photo up on along with the write up. Nice….

  • Captain Cockshoulder reporting for duty! GT’s (that’s good times for the layperson) at the Ranch! Next time when you call me out to fight, you better step up.

  • Sonnie

    Sup Captain, I’ll step up, but it has to be shot for shot, and that includes alcoholic beverages as well as the fist throwing. The worst part about fighting a drunk is that you know you’re in more pain than they are. Ha ha.

    Keep it fo real.