Gosh Darn it, We're in Arkansas

The Patagonia team rallied to the Horshoe Canyon Rock Ranch this week for the 24 hours of Hell event. I’ll admit, I was pretty lucky to get invited to this event, it’s a full on fest. Booze and boulders, rock and roll and more pitches than my arms will be able to handle. I hear they have some mega classic climbs, some 5.13’s and one 5.14a. I may or may not try this, depending on my blood/alcohol level. But it’s gunna be fun either way. It was a late night, from Squamish it was a long couple of flights, then a four hour drive. It’s a dry county so it took us a few detours to find a liquor store. We stayed awake under the blanket of stars and emptied some PBR’s. I wasn’t prepared for what the morning would bring.

The log cabins are all made of pine, and stone, they have bunks and bedroom, heat and hydro and a kitchenette. The view from our balcony was out of this world, as if we stepped out of space shuttle and landed on planet ranch. What with a canyon of sandstone surrounding us, free range everything, and horses running wild in the pastures, I felt like I was suddenly in a Walt Disney presentation. But then a drive into town and a few fried eggs at the greasy spoon pulled us back to planet Arkansas. I’m stoked to be here and so is our team. It’s funny because we are all out of shape, incredibly, and we are looking for support from each other to complete this mission, 24 hours of climbing straight. I can’t say I’ve ever done this before, not without sleep, even some of the single push alpine stuff I’ve done was maybe not as demanding. You get extra points here if you climb a pitch for every hour of the day. Usually I do a pitch every hour for four hours and then go home for a BBQ. Here, it’s all out on the line, just you a partner and 7 headlamps.

Our team name is Crusty Demons of Crank. Thanks JT. Wish us luck and to all the other peeps coming out for a sloshing good time. Looking forward to it and I’ll keep you posted on here if I’m not in bed with a hangover everyday.


  • Travis

    Horseshoe is a pretty sweet place. But you really need to head east of there and check out some of the other areas around there. If you have time after the event I would be willing to show you around.

  • elias

    that’s what life is all about dude….enjoy it!!

  • Sonnie


    Good to see you, sorry we had to leave so quickly. Maybe next time. Hope you got in some quality cragging down there.