So, it's been just over two weeks since Lydia and I've moved into our new place, a 'proper' home I'd say. Life has been busy, and we're trying to get all the loose ends tied up, the ones that get untangled when you switch living quarters and have to unpack boxes. Right now our internet doesn't work, and to be honest that's perfectly okay with me. Basically, to sum things up, we've been cooking a lot, well, actually, that's a lie, Lydia's been cooking a lot, and she bakes too. She really cares about what we put into our bodies and she saves me, daily. I've been reading and writing, and hang-boarding.

On the rock climbing front (this is a climbing related site right?) I've been bouldering just enough to realize how weak I've become over the summer months, my grip strength is pathetic, my endurance even worse and so the sub 5.11 free soloing in Squamish gives me all the love I need. Also, I've been working as a guide a bit lately, and let me say – it's been a freaking BLAST. Seriously, somehow I got stuck with the world's best clients, fun, friendly and competent people, I feel quite blessed. Actually, in more ways than that, I feel honored that I'm able to connect what I love the most about life into a professional career. Rock climbing, Squamish and People. I'm not certain a job can be more rewarding than this. Teaching the art of moving over stone inspires me and sometimes I feel like a greedy mortgage broker when I tell people how freaking good this part of the world can be, and yah, there is a school just over that hill, and houses are way cheaper than Vancouver. Sure, it has an off-season, but so does everywhere else in the world. Where can you find world class mountain biking, rock climbing, alpine climbing, kite boarding, kayaking, fishing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, golfing and acid dropping? It's all here, and it's all good. So for now, domestic life has been treating me well. I even got a TV and DVD player for all those rainy nights in November, I bought a box set of the Simpsons and I can't wait to dig in with a bowl of popcorn, of course, not until my training is done. I have to whip myself into some kind of shape first.

I think Sept is a time for change, like April or May, but in a different regard. The fall is coming and winter is never far behind. Now is the time to step into nature, for the next few weeks or months the silence in the forest beckons us, the friction is unequaled, the air is crisp and the sky is changing colors, we have a duty to not let a second of that be wasted. This is the most precious and sacred time of year, a peaceful time just for us.

  • Nancy Nares

    Hey Sonnie,

    Now that I am living on the same street as the climbing gym,( who would have thought?) I can’t help but be reminded of the MANY hours spent there with you and Kyle and Zoe!
    It is fantastic to read and see how well you are doing in the climbing world…Congratulations for listening to your heart and following your dream!
    Now that I know about this website, I’ll be able to follow your successes.

    All the best. Nancy

  • rich wheater

    Very poetic post Mr. T. For a full winter addiction to pass the time between hangboard sessions, you better add these to your Simpsons box set:


    You’ll never want to leave the couch… Oh yeah, can you please add my email to Lydia’s Yogee mail list??? Thanks dude.

  • Sonnie

    Word Rich,

    Good seeing you on the trail, big smile and all. We never made it to the summit, but had more fun anyway. ha ha. Thanks for the tips. What about the Soprano’s?


    So good to hear from you. It’s been ages. Thanks for the note. I was home over the X- holidays and took a walk around the gyms neighborhood with my girlfriend. I’ve always thought those old streets and homes were so charming – what with all them white lights flickering outside and the giant snowbanks piled up next to the driveways. They possess such historical feelings and who could ignore those MASSIVE maple trees in the yards. Newer homes, suburban homes built on an assembly line of cheap MDF will always exist without character. Without charm. They will always feel empty to me.

    Please give my best to Kyle and Zoe and I hope to see all of you again one day soon. P.S. thanks for showing me the way of the wizard. so cool.

  • Rob

    Deadwood is the serie to watch. Seriously. It’s the best one from HBO.

  • Yo Sonnie, Jer here. Nicely put man, worded like we all feel it. Hope you guys are getting settled and the weather lets me get up there to do some bouldering. Over and Out….