inspiration stirs creativity, creativity stirs productivity. Therefore, most of what happens in the world is a direct response to what other people are doing, and the inspiration that is being shared, gathered, stored, collected and injected into others to produce something magical in return. What goes around comes around.

Today, while I was guiding, I received a text message declaring that my good buddy Matt Segal had just made the 4th ascent of the Cobra Crack. fuckin eh bro, my biggest congratulations to you champ. He earned it so hard. Months in Squamish. Weeks in the pouring rain. Days of hiking and finally on the very last possible day of the year (for him) Matt climbed up to his high point in near perfect conditions, dug a little deeper, locked in a little tighter and fought a little harder for the upper headwall. He is now on his way to Boulder for a movie premier, most likely with a beer in his hand and smile on his face. Drive safe zoro.
I think it's incredible that this cobra climb (year after year) is drawing in the worlds most talented people. When I first climbed the crack it was a line just like any other (although obviously stunning) I had no expectations of the first ascent. I had no possible inclination that it would become what it is today. Ninja's from all corners of the earth are coming to taste the devastation. From Asia to Europe, California and Colorado. It's good to see. I'm stoked. I'm uplifted.
Not to rub it in anyones face, but Squamish is ideal right now. It's the time of year when everyone leaves and the friction sets in. The crowds are gone, along with the heat and humidity. SEE YA. The hardcore, the lucky and the locals have the rest of the fall to enjoy the velcro of the valley. I can't wait to get out, try hard and fall off. Again.
Sweet send Matt, see you sooner than later.
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