Roll With It.

So, I'm back in Squamish now. Summer has still yet to show her pretty face around here.  Wimp.  But I thought that I would take this moment to brag about my new bike.  Actually, I bought two new bikes in the last three days.  Now I have three.  A roadbike, a commuter bike and now a mountain bike, and I'm not even a bike guy.  I like them sure, but I don't really know the difference between component manufacturers and rubber types.  It's all greek to me, however, on the flip side of this floppy coin I could tell you exactly what camming units to buy, when and for what purpose and by which company. I could tell you what a good price is, and how many you REALLY need.  I could tell you all about Five Ten and why they make the best rubber in the world and why no other manufacturer can even come close.  But then again, if you are reading this, you probably already know what I know, even if you work for evolve.  So I'll spare us all.

Lydia and I each bought a commuter bike for the winter.  They are ridgid bikes called HYBRIDS, with thin tires and they're fast as all fuck. They climb up hills easily and each ounce of energy stroked goes directly into the motion – no shocks, pure efficiency.  We bought them so that we'd be excited to ride, we knew that if we skimped and bought half ass bikes, we'd be nuthin but half ass riders.  So, a fun and light, easy to pedal rig will remind us that we love to roll and we hate driving our car.  I HATE IT.  This is a very small thing, I know, but I feel like I am single handedly saving the whole entire world.  Let me say, it feels absolutely terrific.  As we enter this new delicate era, we all need to take more and more responsibility for our actions.  We need to learn how to suffer for what we truly want.  Suffering is not always a bad thing and when I say suffer, I mean it in the most laughable sense of the word. Not like "an open bivy on K2 during winter", but more like "only one car per household".  For example, Lydia and I are having a SUFFER FEST competition this winter.  Who can use the lowest amount of miles on the van?  Who can go the longest without dining out?  Who can recycle the most material?  Who can reuse clothing most creatively?  We need to use less energy, shrink our footprint, stop using plastic bags and sandwhich containers from the grocery store, start using our back packs. Less time on computers, more time by the river, no more Starbucks to go cups, only mugs brought from home. It sounds like we're being cheap, and I know we're not perfect, but we're trying.  It's funny, because only now (past five years) has going green become fashionable, it's about time.  We have/had Christianity, Buddhism, Animism, Judaism, Hinduism and now we have Consumerism.  For many, WalMart is the Chapel of our century.  We repent with retail therapy.  We confess to the till.  We spend our money on cheap items and throw them away.  My goal is to make every purchase count. And on that note, check out my new bike, ha ha, I went into the Church, I confessed my sin of wasting resources and I handed over my hard earned cash for a bicycle, (if carefully cared for, will last me 25 years) which is fun to play on, but is also a ton of hard work.  I suppose it is my community service.  I've taken a lot over the years and the least I can do is earn my transportation for Christ's sake. 

My pledge is to take more time for sniffing flowers, leave the house 15 minutes early so I won't feel rushed and pedal my way to where I am going.  I am hopefully trying to avoid something like this (below…)


And if I ever see one of these in Squamish, I'm moving to 100 Mile House.

They say (media) the USA is entering a recession.  Many people (stock brockers) cringe when they hear the word recession.  Many people in our Western culture want the world to keep moving forward, at such a rapid pace, in hopes that they can earn a million dollars and escape the rat race.  The problem is, even if you win, you'd still be a rat.  Time is not our friend, the world spins and our lives are coming to an end, we need to make a life yes, but not at the expense of our planet or our family, or our spirit.  I was never a very good student, I was a dreamer, I never cared for rules, which is probably why I hated Math so much.  My passion was recess.  Get it?  Recess.  Recession.  Let's take this time to play ( am I starting to sound preachy?).   It's a break in the cycle, a period of pause, a slowing down, a correction of economy, so go get a bike, put away your car and break us off a peice of that kit kat bar.

To all the people out there living the way of the peaceful warrior, we salute you.  To all the bikers in the urban areas, the ones who brave cold, wet conditions and go to work at 6am in minus 10, you are my hero and I'll think of you when my van is on blocks and I saddle up for a ride to the grocery store.  Thank you. 

  • Louie Anderson

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I wish more people had your outlook.

  • caroline

    If you get lots of rain like we do, for your commuter bike anyway, get mud guards, big ones! It will save you arriving at your destination with extremely soggy knickers and keep those precious five tens that wee bit drier. Enjoy.

  • Steve Traversari

    Hi Sonnie,

    That’s a good outlook. I’ll think I could use to take a few tips from it. I think I’ll dust off the old Kona myself. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on the cams. I always struggle between a nut/hex and a cam, except when I’m gripped and go for the cam.


  • Steve Traversari

    Sorry, forgot one thing. On that cam info, maybe you could do a Camming Units 101 for climbing hacks like me.

  • Mikey Deez

    Amen Romeo

  • Suzanne

    Trek ZX8000 racing mountain bike, now that’s the best ‘hard tail’.

    ‘Single speed’ is also the way forward, a guy in my last mtbke club always seemed to speed past everyone up hills on that thing.
    Way to go!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a guy with a sore ass on his bike around Squamish next time I am up there for some climbing.. ha ha.

  • elias

    goooooooooshhhh i love to bike to get my capoeira sessions man!! but this rainy season(mexico city) is soooo hard that i ought to get a kayak instead,picture this…..6pm …in the subway, suddenly a category 3 storm hits the entire city in about 30 seconds, in my way to the trains i’m going thru a tunnel and there’s a river between lanes!!!!!! how can this be??? i swear to god i wanted to slide…but my clothes weren’t the proper ones….too bad. bikes can’t float so i’ll wait ’till november. go green everyone!

  • You’ve inspired me! Kona’s are nice bikes too, good choice 🙂

  • Really good post Sonnie!

    I love the idea of you and your girlfriend challenging each other on such things as “Who can reuse clothing most creatively?” and “Who can go the longest without dining out?”. We have a similiar competition each week on who can get the best MPG from the car this does make the avergae 40 inute drive nearly double in length at times… but you’ve inspired me to go further. Current ideas include who can go the longest without turning a light on, or using the cooker at all!

    Keep up the good posts, really inspiring stuff!

  • AK

    Hi Sonnie. Been reading your blog for a while, followed the Rhapsody-reality-show like it was nude brazilian big brother.

    Just saw the video on Patagoina. Good energy, thanks for the inspiration.

    For the rest of you who have not seen the ascent. Check out

  • FDO

    Hi every body,

    I just would like to say that some french guys (espacialy near “Grenoble”) are using their bike every day in every weather conditions… And that’s cool.

    But !

    There are also using their bike to Alpin Touring skiing, or going climbing or going to their hollidays, to reduce there foot print on the earth…

    So using your bike when you don’t need your car (99% of the time), it’s normal, but using it for every things, it’s incredible.

    And when you are doing it… “Adventure” is never far…


    (Sorry for my english, I hope you will understant what I want to say)

  • Eric Escobar

    About the rubber of 5.10 shoes, have a look at this: