I’m in Kelowna now. I was in Squamish for about 36 hours, looking to climb some, but the weather was crap and I’ve never been so demotivated in my life. Also, we are livin in our van for one last week until we move into our PRIMO apartment, so things were getting a little tight by the end of it. I decided to bail and drive to Kelowna, the land of sun and surf, where the beer flows like wine, where the men and women fake’n bake sun tanners gather on a the main drag at night to compare breast implants and IROC Z28’s. Where even the meth heads and candy droppers dye their hair blonde for social comfort and self confidence. This place is a wild place to be. I’ve been in limbo land for a while, to and from, house to van, van to house, from and to and I’m growing tired of being homeless. My motivation is waning, I’m no longer the selfish bouncing bag of dirt I once was, now my priorities are my girlfriend (first and foremost), a warm dry place to live second, climbing rocks third, sending my “proj” fourth, and in a dim but barely visible distance – making money fifth.

Okay, so I want to share with you the next best thing from the Okanagan Valley since Mike Doyle, lady’s and gentlemen allow me to introduce THE Boulder Field. I was here in Kelowna last year and got the tour, from the man behind Sequence Climbing Slamdog, aka Mike Stripes, aka the rambler-macdingles.com, but 2 hours was not nearly enough time to see everything and climb as well, the canyon is bigger than you think and the climbing is going to be stout, more like Rocky Mountain National Park than Squamish granite. The boulders are crimpy and for the most part clean. There’s a handful of 5.13’s, but as more and more climbers visit the area (4×4 required) there will likely be some star attractions. Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson? Vince Chong? V15? Here are some pictures of last seasons session walk-a-bout. We are hoping to get up there today or tomorrow, as it’s only 15 minutes from down town K-town, but after three cups of coffee I’m not certain I am safe to drive, or type for that matter, (which would probably explain the randomness of this entry, ahhhhh! BORING) Okay, pictures.

So, that about wrap things up for today, (yawn) but not to worry, during my next post I’ll tell you all about the time I almost bought gum. Trust me, it’s riveting. So…

until then, I want to leave you with a few good links to other climbing sites. It seems everyone has a website these days, which is good, becuase we can spend more time trolling the net and reading about people climbing and less time actually doing it, we can slowly fall deeper and deeper into the depressing world of cyber space and stare at this lonely computer screen until our vision blurs. Maybe when we all go blind, we’ll start to see again. Hmmm, deep thoughts by SJT? Not deep enough. But for serious, these are great sites by great and talented people, check them out and be inspired. But don’t surf too long, the web is great, truly it is, but once the dose hits your bloodstream, GET OUTSIDE and go climbing, or do something active for the sake your sanity (and mine) PLEEEEZE – all this is pointless if we don’t. It’s blog overload these days, it’s easy to get lost, and quite honestly it’s driving me crazy. I love writing, I really do, and I love reading as well, life in general is interesting and I’m a HUGE FAN of life, and other peoples lives, even if I’m not on point, or feeling sharp, I just love to scribble things down, maybe it’s because I’m ADD and I can’t turn off the delicate mechanism of the mind, or maybe it’s because I’m bored stoned. Okay, gotta go, peace out.






Choose wisely.


  • C

    So, did everyone’s sponsor suddenly require a blog? 🙂

  • Sonnie

    Nope, or at least I don’t think so, but I’m sure they enjoy them, it’s all part of the bigger picture. Sponsorship is a good thing, if I owned a company, I’d want someone rad to use my products, and if I had the cash to help them live out their dreams, I’d send it over. If they had the initiative to write a blog, I’d be even more stoked. Blogging for climbers or anyone who travels a lot is a great replacement for emails. This way, everyone knows what’s going on without having to send 50 emails, to friends, family and sponsors. Facebook is sort of like this. Also, blogging is a great way to publish your own thoughts without the MAGS editing it down, or sensationalizing our efforts, it keeps things real and honest. I’m all for it, it’s just funny how many people are doing it now, I can’t seem to keep up.

  • elias

    no shit!! i live everyday stuck in this computer an average 10 hours a day !!!! of course…i love my work as a programmer but as a climber-ecohippie-traveler this is a strange paradox, let me get this straight. I totally agree with sonnie when the web is fun, and entertaining , and sometimes maybe educational, but the thin line can be crossed sooooo easily that in a matter of days you suddenly become a internet-freak!!!!! that breaks all our dreams about green woods and good times in the mountains or boulders or whatever, please be true to mother nature, free yourselves from the matrix!! lol
    computers are good but rocks are better…period.
    sonnie…don’t worry dude, you’ll never get stuck in the web, you’re too good for this crap. gotta love this blog.