Comps and Candy

I’m too tired to write anything. I’ve lost my voice almost entirely and I miss my home. Three FULL days at the Salt Lake City OR is like…well….er……….I suppose there’s nothing quite like three FULL days at the SLC, OR. At least not to my knowledge. Lots of great and wonderful people, but it’s like total people OVERLOAD. Take the last lame highschool party you ever went to, multiply it by 100,000 and instead of everyone talking about the latest Rambo movie, or Brad Pinners black eye that he got from his ex girlfriend Rhonda, all these thousands of people are talking on cell phones (in a recycled air-conditioned warehouse with cheesy red carpets) about money, stocks, bonds, markets and products. How to sell more at a cheaper price, I hear this all the time while standin in line for free coffee- “We are trying to bring the price down to make it easier on consumers”. Noooo, you “HAVE” to bring the price down because some chump with a connection in China, stole your idea and is selling the same rig for half the cost. What will happen to the indsutry without Petroleum I wonder? Any industry for that matter? The world in general. We’ll have to go back to wooden pegs and pitons, which I think is a good thing. Respect. Any thoughts? No oil = more fun?

So, instead of boring you with the twisted and gnarly voices inside my head, I’ll bore you with pictures of blue and red. I haven’t been excited about comp climbing in a while, primarily because girls still don’t wear bikini’s (like I suggested in 2004) and because I was tired of watching Chris Sharma gracefully dyno to victory each and everytime, we (the crowd) applaud with excitement and adrenaline, but when the ‘high’ comes down (and it always does), we end up at home eating a bag of Cheetos feeling like worthless piles of yak shit, or maybe that’s just me. I was numb to his success after so many years, “oh another win for Chris” sort of the same way I am became numb to Tommy Caldwell and his El Cap free climbs “I think this is 48th free route up the great mountain” and the same way I am numb to my own trad lines – “Trotter climbs yet another desperate but most likely overgraded headpoint”. ha ha ha! Of course, Chris and Tommy are incredibly talented, and their acheivements cannot be matched or taken away, I still have my Canadian Rights to skip the next comp or not read the move by move, blow by blow account in Alpinist.

But since this year “everyone was going” I had no choice. It just wouldn’t be cool to go anywhere else, and being cool is everything, so there I was. As it turns out, I had more to say than I thought and I had more fun at the comp than I had in years. But I’ll still add these pictures for you to oggle at. I ain’t no Heinz Zak, not yet anyway, but I am Sonnie Trotter and gosh darn it, I try my best. Oh by the way, Chris Sharma won, (again) and strong man Ethan Pringle was merrily on his behind. I have no idea who came in third and it doesn’t matter. Good job to all the men and boys and women who came out to play and show us a smashing good time. It was pretty sick and I am inspired again. Maybe I’ll walk over the gas station near my hotel and grab a bag of Cheetos.

  • Paul Berry

    No oil, bigger world, more adventure, more fun! Climb on Sonnie

  • Hey Sonnie, how was the lighting during finals? I found out that a friend of a friend from NY is a professional lighting rigger. He sets up the lighting for movies and fashion shows and he’s also a climber. So he came out to OR to do the lighting for the comp. Did you notice it at all? Did it make the comp experience that much better?

    Wish I was there with you guys. See ya in a few weeks!


  • elias

    wow man….no oil…more fun??? well for us who do not depend entirely on all those new energies….might be fun, but what about all those people that can’t live without a cell phone?? without plastic?? without cars?? without planes??? sounds like a catastrophic situation for 90% of the world….by yhe way…cheetos suck lol.

  • pete

    who punched Lev in the eye??

  • Sonnie

    You’re right Paul, way more adventure.

    Jamie, the lights were dope, best lighting of any comp I’ve seen, a truly great spectacle. And Sharma is still the king. See you soon fo sho.

    Elias, Cheetos suck the big one, they were designed for those with low self esteem.

    Pete, Lev hit himself, he took a swing at a 2X4 and it smacked him back, landing him first on the ground and then in the hospital with stitches. B Careful when you swing your hammer boys.