busy busy

What do you do after you drink a bottle of Scotch and pass out on a random couch at 4 am?

Get up, eat some eggs and climb to the top of the Third Sister.  9,600 feet, 6 hours car to car.  Although I only needed 2 to cleanse myself.

The Third Sister (of the three) is the pointy one on the right.  It doesn't look like much from this angle, but it's clearly much taller than the other two and probably more accessible too.  Is was colder than we expected up there. 

Chris Weldon (Kurt Cobain double) making the slabs look easy.  Lyds and I trying hard to like each other.

Not a climb, but a scramble. 

A spiritual experience.  Chris practising his Tai Chi. 

Standing on the summit was the coolest thing,  we could see everything from Calgary, to Temple and Mount Assiniboine.  The New Castle beers went down smoothly. 

So, I am now in Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show (the ball never stops rolling).  It's where millions of people come to sell their new products, ideas or their image to each other and try to turn a dollar over.  Some companies have done this very well and revolutionized the industry.  I say this without a hint of coyness, I am proud to be here to represent my partners, not only for their support of the industry as a whole I.E. climbers, comps, festivals, but for their innovativeness and thier loyalty.  Patagonia, Five Ten, Petzl, Zodiac, Joe Rockheads, MSR.  Thanks.

Aside from the painful part of signing posters, I hope to meet with some big magazine editors and see if I can't get some new work published outside of the normal climbing scale, Mens Journal, Outside, yadda yadda yadda, a very hard door to open,  wish me luck. 

  • Suzanne

    Love the scenery in those pics! 🙂
    Lead a 5.9 by accident yesterday thinking it was a 5.8, that’s the only way I seem to progress at least.

  • Dustin Harris

    Good luck with the mags. The media industry is fickle but lucrative. As long as you don’t make them key to accomplishing your goals, you have power over them, and they can yet help you accomplish your goals. Funny how that shit works eh?