I have a dream

Say cheese! 


Last month Lydia and I were in Boulder, Colorado together.  She was there for the Richard Freeman Yoga Teacher Training. She spent a dedicated month at his studio near Pearl Street where she absorbed a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. Her self motivation and discipline inspired me and my climbing to work a little harder, sweat a bit more often and let go a little less easily.  She earned a certificate at the end of it all and she's quickly becoming one of the most serious and playful practitioner/teachers on the Planet.  She sees the World with eyes wide open and while some of these poses may look a little painful, she'll tell you straight up that  "the only thing that's going to hurt you, is not doing it." 


Okay, so I haven't survived a prison break, or cut off my arm, I haven't climbed the seven summits or won the tour de france.  I don't race cars, or ride bulls and I'm not a soldier of war.  But, I am trying to realize my own dream and I can imaging you are too,  so is Slim (nickname).  That's what this site is about anyway, living your dream and who gives a flying fu*k what people think about it.  My dream was to travel the world and climb rocks.  That's it, nothing more than that. I'm not rich, so I went for the sponsored route and I'm glad I did, I wouldn't change my life fo anything.  I could care less about who's the best, and how many tries.  My dream was to get paid to do what I love.  I look at Lydia and her friends and our community and I see a similar quest.  We are all trying to persue a dream and it's okay to admit that you want to be better tomorrow than you are today.  Moving forward is what we do, in my case, it's moving up.

Here is what Lydia has taught me, and this is now what I know about it.  As always, feel free to disagree…

You have to realize your dream every day. A dream is not something you just arrive to, it is not a place or a thing that you say "Whoa! Dude, I made it, I'm there man".  No, it's a state of mind, a day by day excercise, a practice.  Your dream (whatever it may be) can only be acheived by living it moment by moment.  The second you take your foot off the gas pedal, and veer to either side you are making a compromise.  That is success, that is when you've got it all figured out, that is when people see what you're doing and they want to do it too.  Your energy becomes infectious and that is living for a reason, living right, by any standard of success.  The fear of going forwards, trumps the fear of standing still, that's the turning point, when you're more scared of what will happen if you don't – And fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Congratulations Lydia – my hero. 

  • olddude

    Your right, dreams are for fools, or at least for those who can’t do, for whatever reason. I enjoy your your writing sonnie. I’m close to twice your age but you remind me that I have made some good choices. Keep me entertained.

  • Laurie

    Beautiful, incredible photos.

  • mike

    sonnie you should write a book about your travels and experiences. i think you have some key insights about personal motivation and success.

  • ktmt

    Another “old dude” here. My dream starting 5 years ago was to climb 5.12. This after a 10 year break from climbing. Last year I ticked my first two 12s. This year 4 (and counting). Now my dream is to climb 5.13a when I’m 50 (next year).

    I don’t care if you’re a rabid scrapbooker, a BASE jumper, or a rodeo cowboy; if you have something that gets you up in the morning, infuses your life with passion and guides your day, you have my vote. Keep gettin’ after it Sonnie Trotter!

  • DaveF

    Hi Sonny, been reading your blog since reading about your attendance @ Dumby. You seem to be pretty much on the money with your thought processes. Success in my book can%u2019t be measured by size of house or wallet, it%u2019s a state of mind. Its about finding balance between work & family life & having a sense of fulfilment in all that you do.

    Cheers for listening, D.

  • Suzanne

    So so true. I find a positive mind, eliminating from your life all that is negative, looking only forward never back, always going for what you want in life, never turning down an opportunity that comes your way but grabbing it, and to not be afraid or fearful of change but to welcome it and see it as an adventure, will carry you forward and help you progress in life. Being nice to others and treating others only as you want to be treated gains you friends. Well that’s how I got here and I too have achieved much, funny thing is I have been told to write a book ongoing by 1-2 of my longer term close friends based on all my achievements and success to date. Having done much career and sport wise; though not climbing related.
    You are a great inspiration Sonnie.

  • Erica

    There’s a reason I keep coming back to this blog regularly: it’s inspiring.

    Thank you!

  • Sonnie

    WOW, great feedback. Thanks to all of you, old and young alike. I really enjoy hearing your thoughts and I’m honored that you’re all willing to share your comments with me and with this community. Some of you who’ve been tuning in with regularity may be starting a chain reaction and/or spreading the word, it seems this site is getting an all time high hits. I actually don’t even believe the numbers, there must be something wrong with the web-stats, either that or there are more climbers, artists and mountain lovers in the world then I originally thought. It’s funny to see so much traffic coming from places like Japan and Mexico as well.

    Please keep the wonderful stories, links and comments flowing in, I love them all. Truly. I feel like just writing things down and getting it out there is a sort of mini release for me and I’m glad I can inspire some of ya’ll; what goes around comes around.

  • Apes

    Although very cool, it also looks odd that she is grabbing her ankles from behind.

    What a beautiful couple you two make!!!!

  • Eric

    Wicked post man. I am so pyched to see other people finding what it means for them to be truly “successful”.

    I think Success has more to do with living out your passion rather than the popular notion of selling your life (time) away for empty big bucks in the bank.

    Are we getting the most out of our every day? What’s gotta change so that the answer to that is a steadfast ‘yes’?