Carebears and Unicorns

We went to Lake Louise yesterday to climb The Green Goblins arete, (5.11c) SOOOO GOOOD. Unfortunately, like many days in the Bow Valley this year, the sky was crying. A brisk fifteen minutes from the base of the wall and thunder clapped so loudly it sent all four of us five feet off the ground. Lighting was dropping into the valley and all canoe’s pointed back to shore. The air was thick and dark and when the tears fell from heaven, magic smothered us, while tourists ran for shelter.

We went to the Air Voyage Wall, totally overhanging and climbed in full rain all day. It was dry and cold and beautiful. I managed a quick tick of Jason Lives 5.13 and some laps on some incredibly fun and pumpy classics. I.E. Mr. Rogers Smokes a Fatty. 5.11. The crag was near empty, we had the playgound to ourselves and laughed like school kids on the swingset. There were grunts of effort and clangs of cams echoing off the surrounding walls. Our friend Jesse went for the full fledged onsight of Scared Peaches, 5.12 trad and he put up a Spartan effort, but came sailing off on the crux overhang, sweat from his brow sprayed over the tree tops. Here is a quick pic off Jesse at the crux roof encounter.

On our way out from the crag, the sky ceased its weeping and the worlds most touching rainbow came out to make its peace with us. We were the only ones on the trail and the mountains once again showed us why we choose to live here, why each moment surrounded by these giant peaks and lucious valleys needs to be cherished and appreciated. Why the world cannot be taken for granted. Why love and truth rules over all things. And why we all know (deep down) that there is something much bigger and grander than we could ever begin to imagine. Bigger than you and me and science and religion. Something so huge, that even trying to comprehend it can make your head explode. So stop trying. Just get outside, EVERYDAY and go for a hike, sweat a little, cleanse yourself, watch the world turn, the sun shine, the stars twinkle, the rain fall, the ocean crash, the squirels nibble, the flowers bloom and don’t stop to ask why – just stop and enjoy.


Sonnie Trotter.

P.S. Thank you for stopping by to visit my website. Your supporting of a local dirtbag is much appreciated.

  • Ash

    You’re no dirtbag man, far from it.

  • Sonnie

    Ha ha ha, I’m not sure if I’m offended or flattered. I suppose it all depends on what your idea of a dirtbag is Ash. I once met these two guys on a roadtrip. They bought a cheap car, but had no money left over for a tent or anything. So, they slept in the front seat of the car with the seats upright for multiple weeks. I don’t want to even know what they were eating. Dirtbag? Or just plain Ghetto?

  • Dustin

    WHAT!? That rainbow over the fairmont is a sick snap! 24-105?

  • suzanne

    very “nice” 🙂

  • will

    Jesse Huey is my hero.

  • clint

    hey Sonnie….have you ever come climbing in Jasper?

  • Johnny B

    Nicely said sir. Just stop and enjoy. Looks like a beautiful part of the world. Still enjoying the memories of your Dumby trip too!

  • elias

    it takes great honesty and humility to tell others what you think, i clearly think(by what i’ve read here)that you may not give a f*ck about others say about it, but i give you two thumbs up for trying it, and personally i agree that “why” doesn’t really matters. just being grateful of our lives makes it way better. not a dirtbag but a role model. lol.

  • well said. it’s always nice to see other folks that “get it”.