It's been a long time, but we are now home, back in Canada.  STOKE FACTOR HUGE!  The weather is good and the mountains are beautiful.   We had a pretty outrageous time in Colorado, but life goes on and we must move forward.  Rifle especially was the bomb, did some good fun sport climbing, but I can talk about that later.  Right now, I need a favor.  Lydia and I are moving to Squamish for the remainder of the summer and into the winter months, we are looking for a nice place to rent. Perhaps staring Aug 1st -ish.  We are looking for a private suite ideally.  Just big enough for the two of us.  I know this is a climbing web site, and should involve more climbing, but right now this is our priority and needs to be addressed, grin.

If anyone knows anyone, or is anyone who has a place for rent coming up, please contact us, ( sonniejtrotter@yahoo.ca ) it would be much, much appreciated.  We are so tired of being homeless, ha ha ha ha.  Thanks in advance for putting some thought into this and I hope the climbing (or biking or kayaking, or skiing, or slack lining or running) is all good. Best wishes.


  • suzanne

    shame you never said sooner as moving out of mine end of month and it’s now been taken already.
    good luck though, try craigslist?

  • adams

    You can move in with your biggest fan. hahahahha

  • moi

    Been so busy here, can’t believe I missed your film festival night, had the ticket too 🙁

  • Sonnie