Surprise, Surprise!

Picture this, a very jet lagged climber meets up with his buddies and girlfriend after not seeing them for quite some time. Walking around gets boring so we all head to the bar for a liquid lunch.  Three or seven thirst quenching drinks later, we head to another bar, then to another, up to Flagstaff mountain for some scrambling and finally to another bar for eats and treats.  This so called climber holds a vague recollection of the latter part of the day. Which is why when he got his camera back two weeks later, these images come as such a shock.  And while on the subject, Why is it that when drinking 'one' can always have blurry visions of the last bar 'one' were in, but when it is time to call 'er a night and go home 'one' somehow blocks it all out.  It's like every single time…

"Dude, how did we get home last night, dude?  I don't remember anything after leaving Pinky's."

"Dude, I know, crazy. Darkness.  you want some beacon, I made coffee, dude."

Ha ha ha,  all in the name of good harmless fun. 

And finally some friendly words of advice:  If you ever get caught doing something that you should NOT have been doing, try this line…

It wasn't me. 

  • Apes

    This post makes me giggle. tee hee hee!

    Did that lady even notice will above her?
    Too funny!

  • Suzanne

    By the way, your hats are on the wrong way round… 😉

  • Mike

    LIGHT IT UP! -Aceyalone