Here is a picture the boys at Hot Aches Productions sent me.  They set up this incredible boom from a ladder and captured a bird's eye view.  It's insane. The footage is clear and crisp, and captures all the nitty gritty of the send.  Makes my palms sweat.  Again.   They are curently working on editing the footage, so keep an eye open for their next production.  They have some amazing work coming out this year, Dave Mac 'the All Arounder' and 'Grit Kids' are two that I am especially waiting to see.  Their work ethic is higher than most, while Cory and I sit around, eat peanuts and visit pubs, they get outside and get the shots they need. Whether it be climbing, mountain biking or trail running they are on the scene.  We can't tell them how much we appreciate their hospitality.  This trip would be nothing without a few Hot Aches.


  • Louie Anderson

    Big congrats Sonnie. Glad to read that you stuck it out and saw this to completion. Nicely done!

  • Mats B

    Bet you’re pretty glad you did’nt leave when you planed..

    If you ever are in Norway, let me know and i buy you an ice cold beer..

  • Congratulations Sonnie.

    Mick Ryan

  • superb!

  • Kipper

    Great effort Sonnie on gettting Rhapsody. Well done!!!!

  • Suzanne

    I’m glad we (the world) kicked your arse and made you stay longer (smile).

    Big hug and well done!!

    I had this good feeling you were going to complete it this time, seriously. “Well Done that man” 🙂

  • Nick

    Nice one Sonny. Excellent. Inspirational to hear of proper keen folk. Keep up the blogging, very cool to read.

  • Awesome climbing!!.. Congratulations. Your blog is a good read. Let us know where it “aches” next!

  • Iain


    I’ve really enjoyed following your experience on Rhapsody. Fantastic effort and inspirational stuff. Cheers, Iain

  • John

    At last! Well done. I hope to see you down at Dumby this week basking in the glory and convincing Cory to climb Requiem without falling off.

  • Brilliant Effort, really good to watch the attempts – I%u2019m inspired !

    Glad you got it before you had to head home.

    Cory – dig deep and get Requiem done, you are so close !

  • Tony

    Nice one Sonnie, well done!

  • Chris Parker


    I’ve never had the pleasure, but just wanted to say, Congratulations! The perfect ending to what’s been an excellent, most entertaining and highly engrossing (I’ve got to admit I’ve been checking your blog every morning for updates) story.


  • ktmt

    Damn, this was a nailbiter! Way to go! Go get ’em Cory!

  • marcus

    Bigtime congrats Sonnie!

    Looking forward to the vid.

    Marcus in Calgary

  • Andy

    Fantastic effort Sonnie, keep the blogging going absolute pure genius, climbings answer to eminem!.

  • Cady

    Way to go Sonnie. That is Awesome, what a Great send!!!

  • Dino

    Congrats Sonnie, great effort.

    I’ve noticed a lot more people climbing at Dumbarton Rock since you came over to try Rhapsody (I’m sure it’s not just been down to the good weather) and gave the place some more publicity – maybe with your help the climbers can reclaim it from the Buckie drinkers!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, between you and Dave Mac I’ve been able to kill half-an-hour at work every day – keep it up!

  • John Knoernschild

    Nice freaken job Sonnie!!! I can’t wait to see what’s next on your list.

  • John Hutchinson

    Congratulations Sonnie! gutted I missed the send but that’s just me being selfish 🙂 Awesome

  • Jim Crosthwaite

    Well done Sonnie I can take it that you are no longer ‘Scunnered’ a word I gave you when you were unsure how you felt.

    Sorry I was unable to be there at the time to celebrate, and congratulate you, but I really enjoyed being there watching you and Cory climb. (The falls you took were both thrilling, and at the same time worrying for us to watch(but all good entertainment for us mere mortals)

    Awsome climbing, and it was a privilage to watch you. I hope Cory now gets his reward for all his efforts too) I will be watching your blog for future exploits.

    ‘Awe Ra best’ as we would say & ‘Haste Ye back’

  • Felix

    Congrats Sonnie.
    I REALLY enjoyed reading the blog and was very keen to find new entries almost every day.

    What I was wondering is whether gear was placed on lead or whether the route was done on preplaced gear.

    However, waiting and looking forward for the footage which has been filmed with full commitment as is announced on

  • Ullrich Kollmann

    Hey Sonnie!

    Awesome job.

    Like a devil who don’t need hell any