A moment to remember!

Well, I suppose I owe this to everyone who has been following this trip thus far. This trip of epic proportions. To everyone who has sent me an encouraging email, a positive comment and/or a phat cheque, I owe it to you too. To my heroes Mr. Croft and Mr.Richards, my loving family, my beautiful girlfriend and all my best freinds around the world. To all them Canadians back over the pond, to the guy who made my balck coffee this morning and to the girl at the crag who waved to me on the summit from her boyfriends car window.

After 4 and a half HOT and sunny weeks, 14 enduring days, 24 fifty foot falls, 47 snickers bars, and 113 emails to Lydia, I finally made the second ascent of Rhapsody, yes the original Rhapsody, the same climb Dumby Dave did back in 2006 documented in that historic video called E11.

I wish I could say more at this time, but I am far too drunk to type. Anything I say will sound dumber than I intend, sort of like when you get tipsy and write your ‘ex’ to tell them how you really feel and then only make things worse. So, I think I will sit back, relax and watch another episode of South Park with my mates and eat some dark chocolate. All I can say right now is that I am glad it’s over, I can’t thank you all enough for kicking me in the ass and making me stay, I sent the climb on my second try, first day back since changing our flights. Could it get any closer? It was cloudy and windy today, the sort of conditions that make for a shitty family picnic, but not a single midge in sight, ideal sending temps, the tiny crimps felt like, well, tiny crimps, but somehow I stayed on. I nearly fell from the top, my foot slipped, then my hand, Cory yelled, it was desperate, but then I fell into a place of power that I have not been to for a while, I squeezed tighter and knew it was over, a truck could not have pulled me off. On top, I stood on cloud nine. I still am. Cloud ten maybe even, if there is such a thing.

Talk soon and best wishes.

  • Pete

    Damn good work, man. That’s it.

  • Ken Cox


    Thanks for taking all of us along for the ride. It’s been freakin’ awesome!

  • adrian

    The “SENT” post has arrived! Way to go Sonnie. You should be damn proud of your effort! Congratulations!

  • Will Hunt

    Fantastic effort, Sonnie! Really glad you got it. What’s next?

  • mr_powly

    Nice work Sonnie, cheers for the awesome reading!

  • Mats B

    Man im so freakin’ happy for you!

    Congratulations !

  • tom

    Nice one! But this isn’t a reason to not come back to the UK.

  • Peter

    Congratulations, have been following your progress on here and via reports elsewhere. Great to see you achieve this after all the effort that you have put it. Enjoy the next few days.


  • Good onya Sonnie. You’ve had a fair number of people holding a collective bated breath. So great to see you banish that demon. I met you very briefly a few years back in the shop in Squamish when we were visiting our friend Jeff Thompson. I’m sure you don’t remember me. I also just spent a night sitting round a campfire at Arapiles with a Canadian acquaintaince of yours, part Scottish guy called Callum, I think. Nice guy. You’re a good egg too, mate. Write a great straight from the heart blog.

    Bloody well done. Enjoy the afterglow!

    Cheers, Karl

  • sarah mj

    sonnie –
    what a day – amazing!!

    We were thinking of you in boulder as we roamed the streets, drank coffee, and we figure you sent as we hung out in the waiting room at the hospital…i’m sure by now you know the deal!?!

    perhaps we’ll see you in this fine town sooner then later…hope you guys did it up Scotland style tonite!

    congrats again – big hugs to you and cory…

  • brandon


  • Congratulations! It’s been great fun following the adventure on your blog!

  • John

    Well done Sonnie. Sorry I missed the big blast. Haste ye back.

  • Nice one Sonnie…. are you free on Friday then? We have some boxes that need moving! 😉

  • A fine fine effort sir! No one can say you don’t deserve it both for the effort you put in and the amount of fun excitement you guys have given the UK climbing world watching! A job well done.

    Perhaps UKC can organise a whip around to see if we can afford Dumby Dave a ticket to Squamish to try Cobra Crack now? 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Congratulations Sonnie! and about time too, we knew you could do it, we just needed to know when, and that time was NOW 🙂

  • caroline

    Amazing! Well done

  • Jonny

    Nice one you deserved it! What’s next then, Hard Grit? Only joking good one!

  • David Toon

    Awesome effort Sonnie – your blog has made real interesting reading while you’ve been over here!?! Congrats on the repeat and new ascent too!!! Anymore plans for future hard climbs in the UK?

  • Alex

    Effort! Well done, hope this doesn’t mean the end of your uk trips – plenty more tricky routes to go at in other areas!

  • Stuart

    Congratulations Sonnie – a fantastic effort and well deserved.

  • Dom Scott

    Good job man – well done.

  • Nice Job, Sunshine.

  • nigel pearson

    congratulations. Having watched E11 it was good to follow your efforts on your blog. fantastic effort and thanks for keeping everyone informed in such a good humoured way.

  • pete w

    sweet. we knew you would.

  • dave

    Hi Sonnie,

    Congrats on the send! I just wanted to say that reading your blog these last couple weeks has been some of the most interesting climbing writing I’ve read in a long time, and is great for my climbing fix when I’m not out climbing.

    It was cool and inspiring to see you go through the process, feel the psych, and keep working through, with the outcome not certain. Way, way cooler than just reading about the send after the fact. I enjoyed reading through your thoughts on everything as your time there went on, including the ones not about climbing.

    It was terrific, it was exciting, it was inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.


  • Big props to you on that, my friend… Nice work.

    You inspire.

  • Yeah Sonnie! Super stoked for you man. Huge congrats from all of your friends at Patagonia.

  • Kush

    Triumph of grit and persistence over poor british weather, and none-too-better british food 🙂 Made my day. Congratulations!

  • Steve P

    Good work fella. I’m sure it was several weeks consumption of black pudding and irn bru that made the difference!

  • zachary lesch-huie

    Congratulations. I’ve been following this blog daily, and it has been a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing so much along the way.


  • Mike & Apes

    FUCK YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAA!!!! Yahoooooooooooooo!!!!!! So proud for you!!! Gave me goose bumps reading this post!!! Maybe a little tear welling up in my eye. (This is apes writing, Mike never cries. HA!) So effing stoked dude!!!

    Love Mike and Apes

    PS. can you email mike your mailing address. I need to send you something that has to do with something happening in September. If You know what I mean.

  • Probably should have congratulated you at OR last summer but am a tad behind on my climbing news. Huge congrats!