Short and Sweet!

Hey everyone,  what's up?  How's life?  Splendid I hope.  Things here in Scotland continue to be amazing, although it's supposed to rain today.  Crap-ola.  We climbed with James, John and Steve for the last two days, super good fun to hang with those boys, good energy, great conversation and I couldn't help but think that between the three of them, they are responsoble for many if not most of the UK's most significant First Ascents of the last 20 years.  I good bit of talent they are and each with a vibrant personality to match.  Lot's of laughs. 

The climbing has been good, McClure showed us all why he is one of the worlds most accomplished sport climbers, James made short work of a few classic blocs and John showed fine form while working the crack and headwall moves, I got a new high point yesterday and that was RAD, and Steve and I managed to get to the top of the wall in other ways as well.  More abut that later.  A good day all around.  FOR SURE.  Lot's to talk about, just no time right now.  I stumbled upon a few pics from the Hot Aches crew, they are psyched to share and tell a few stories, check out their blog at…

Good stuff.   Okay, we gotta go and try to beat the rain.  Coffeeeeeeee.  Best Wishes to all and to all best wishes.   S.

  • Suzanne

    Ahh but how’s the weather? I only got a sun tan there once (one year in the four that I lived there), it never gets that hot in ‘Jockland’ you know. Life’s good here, Smith rock was “amazing”, better than the pics showed 😉

    I visited your neck of the woods after Banff; and then Lake Louise, and Jasper. I have to say, I loved Banff, but Jasper wins – if I ever wanted to move anywhere again it would be Jasper. For all the sports are also there; climbing; mountaineering, and tons of cross country mountain biking – all natural trails (no man made trails, thank goodness).

    Coffee? Only Lattes, single shot for me.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Scotland. TC 🙂

  • brown james

    ha ha yeaa Jasper is the shit ha ha

    Sonnie your the man i really like what your doing in climbing

    sweet website

    keep ‘er real man