Did you hear?

A Canadian man from Timmins, is walking down the street with a brown paper bag tucked under his arm, when suddenly he bumps into a buddy on the corner.

"whatcha got there Joe?" He asked.

"A case of beer Rick.  I got it for my wife." Joe replies.

"Oh. Good trade!" 

During meal time, a flight attendant on Air Canada approaches a man in the first row.

"Sir would you like some dinner?"   She asks.

"What are my choices?" the passenger replies.

"Yes or No". 

While traveling abroad, how can you tell if someone is from Canada?

Well, if they don't have a flag patched onto their backpack somewhere, then step on their foot.  If they applogize they're Canadian. 


How do you get 100 Canadians out of a swimming pool on the hottest day of the summer?

Just say "Okay now, everyone out of the pool"

(you'll probably get this one later on)

In Canada we have two seasons.  Winter and six months of shitty snowmobile conditions.

How do you know if you're Canadian?  Well – If you know why the word "killerwhaletank" is funny, you might be Canadian.

Graffiti at the base of the Requiem. Steve Mac showing us what shadows can do. Last night he suggested that I climb in the morning, not at night because he felt a considerable difference in the rock temperature.  I took his advice.  Anyone who has climbed as many 9a's as Steve has obviously got some experience under his belt.  If I was as strong as Steve I would want someone to write a book about me.

We are going to now to meet them.



  • Charlie

    I like being the USA’s hat. But I wonder what kind of hat the world thinks we are?!!?