Hot Aches productions has had their moments of luck during our trip.  Like the day we shot while Cory drove on the wrong side of the road, or the time they left behind a very expensive camera bag with someone's wallet tucked in the pocket on the sidewalk, 20 minutes away from downtown and then got back to find it still sitting there and not a single charge to the gold plastic.  But perhaps the most miraculous event of good old fashioned Horshoe up the arse luck, came when Dave rappelled over the cliffs edge, set up his position and "CLICK" the heavy glass wide angle lens decided it was the end.  Maybe it couldn't take the stress of the job, maybe it was jealous of the longer lens, or maybe it was a more sensitive issue and it couldn't take being called WIDE all the time, I mean you can only pick on the fat kid for so long, until, "CLICK" it unlocks and takes a 100 foot dive crashing violently into a cluster of rocks at the bottom.  Apparantly, it was not its time.  The lens didn't suffer a single scratch and is now back hard at work, performing better than ever and the crew could not be happier. And who says there is no such thing as luck? 


I think Cory and I are heading out again today for another proper ass kicking. But the good news is that I got an email from Bat Man Mclure, He and James and Dunne are heading up this way to check things out. Sun and Mon.  It will be good to share the beta we worked out and to watch them crush those upper crimps.  I dunno about James and John, I am sure they won't have a problem, but Steve I know as I have watched him climb in person and I can say without question he is one of the strongest rock masters around.  He strolled up a 5.13c placing draws in the Red River Gorge without taking a single deep breath.  I think he burned more calories walking up the hill to the crag with a pack then he did the whole day while consistently onsighting 5.13's.  It will be interesting to hear their thoughts on the climb.  Very exciting.