I’ve been meaning to post a few words about my good friend Andrew Querner for a while now. Between bus stations and airports and climbing rocks I’ve hardly had the time to do anything at all. Recently I stumbled upon one of his photographs and it all came flooding back to me. So here it is, a link to his site, his blog, some of his work and a few of his words. He’s won a few awards for his keen eye, check him out if you get a chance, bouldering, sport, big wall, alpine and even tree planting he’s shot it all. Most recently he is working on a journalistic project called Boomtown. A look into the world of Fort Mac and it’s drastic changes.

“I moved away from Vancouver, my hometown, in 2000 looking for a change of scenery. It had been over a year since I'd been back for a visit. This time away afforded the new perspective of feeling like a tourist in my own city, which of course led to some photo taking” AQ.

Here are some snaps I stole from his site, I enjoy his portraits, they’re interesting. For a good time, or more information go to or he’s got some strong content on there. CHeers.