not much

Well, there isn't much to report today I'm affraid. It's sort of dark and cloudy here and I'm not that inspired at the moment.  We decided to take a rest day yesterday because James Pearson and John Dunne were coming up to party with us today.  Unfortunately they won't be able to make it, plans change, unexpected things happen, so we'll be going out just the two of us (like the song).  Perhaps we can meet up with them another time, maybe next week. I grew up readng about Dunne, so climbing with him would be a total gas, I'll never forget the first time I saw a picture of Divided Years.  Paul is also away today so the crew is rather small.  Just means more leg room in the car then.

Something I failed to mention before, but on my last effort on Rhapsody, I grabbed the crux hold and yelled 'take', as I do.  When the rope came tight I pulled up hard on the holds one last time to reduce stretch when I sagged onto it.  This action caused my ring finger (right hand) to pop.  Loudly.  Now, I have injured fingers before in the past, but there was no pain following this loud "pop" and there is still no pain today.  Of course I've been too affraid to pull on anything yet, but there was no swelling or aching.  Has this ever happened to someone?  By the sound of it, I thought for sure it was something very serious, but like I said no pain, not yet anyhow.

In other news I decided it was time to cut my hair, I'm not Scottish, (half Irish) but I seen a few fellows running around with a strange sort of punk hair style and decided I would giver-a-hack. My initial reaction was to fix it and cut off all the rest, however one friend told me it was suitable, so I let it stick around for the day and guess what, it grew on me.  So, here I am in Edinburgh with a short and spiky on top, long and furly in the back and shaved on the sides, all's I need now is a football jersey and some tight jeans.  I must brew some coffee, afternoons just aren't the same without it.  Cheers and happy climbing to all.


  • Gary Gray


    That picture would be perfect if that was a bottle of Buckie you were drinking.

    FYI Buckie or Buckfast is a tonic wine that all the maniacs in Scotland drink!

  • Stephen Mc Gowan

    Hmmm…love the haircut 😛

    Speaking of Divided Years….get on over an give it a try some time. Then hit Fairhead, lots of untouched hard lines to go there….a great line of roofs that are still waiting for a direct line through them.

    Good luck with the rest of your trip…I hope the finger is ok.

  • TimS


    Often the worst injuries to tendons and pulleys do not swell up; the easiest way to test the finger will be to do some basic strength tests: find something to pull against, like a banister or a steering wheel or whatever and gradually pull with the opposite finger to the injured finger (i.e left hand vs right hand) in an ‘open handed’ grip until you feel force coming onto the finger (as if you were pulling on a hold), but not pain. Repeat the exercise with the affected finger until you feel any pain. If you feel pain before you reach the same amount of pressure as the other finger the injury should be obvious (and its whereabouts in the finger). Repeat this exercise in a crimped grip position, hopefully this will tell you whether you have an injury or not. I have certainly heard pops from my fingers before without any associated injury.

    I hope you crush Rhapsody


  • Sonnie

    I think Gary Gray may be one of the coolest names in history. Although I suppose it’s inevitable that one day a long time from now your friends may call you Gray Gary, ha ha, I’m sorry that was a bad joke. I think I’ll try this Buckle you speak of. “Maniacs”? Hmm, sounds like it could be some sort of energy drink.

    SM, thanks for the luck and the tip, I enjoy a good roof.

    Tim, your information is valuable, cheers. Fortunately I won’t be needing it, not just yet anyway.

  • Hey – I know it’s been a couple years, but this post popped up on a google search I was doing for pictures of Badman, and I got interested. I think I know what happened to your finger with that pop. I had the same thing happen a couple years ago while on Churning in the Wake on a cold, rainy day. A loud pop, and then something like pain, but not really. I had soreness that ran up and down my forearm for about two weeks. I laid off for a little bit, and as I came back to it, it presented no pain at all.
    I talked to a couple doctors, and did a little reading. So there are a bunch of tendons running next to each other, from the flexor muscles through the carpal tunnel, and into the fingers. Sometimes, one will get caught behind another, and when you twist your fingers under load, it will suddenly release from beneath where it was caught, and pop out. It can be loud, and shocking, but not damaging. Sounds like the repercussions were similar for us. Cheers. Sean