no regrets

For the gear heads out there, I just wanted to show off the new Exum guide because I don’t think I’m the only fan out there. Lighter than the camp 4 with twice the support, it is destined to become the next “favorite” shoe for all climbers, weekend warriors, desert rats, wall monsters, peak baggers and cragging roadtrippers alike. Not that I know (mom), but it supposedly provides some pretty good landing gear for them base jumpers and sky divers as well. It is also built for use with strap on crampons and of course it’s held together with the award winning S1 rubber. Damn I love that new logo eh!

If you are wondering why I love Five Ten so much here’s the short version…

Five Ten was the first company ever to sponsor me (11 years ago) – way back in tha day. I had only climbed one 5.13a and one 5.13c but I supose they took a liking to my energy and since only a handful of 17 year old Canadians were climbing that grade it was a good fit I suppose. Since then I have climbed a tad harder and all over the world, when I first tried the celebrated Pink anasazi’s I felt like I was cheating, 5.14 at Smith rock was no longer a problem, ‘Just Do it’ has been climbed at least 5 times with this very same shoe. If it were not for Five Ten taking a chance on me, I may never have lost interest in high school and began to live the roaming life I am living now, and thank god for that, I really, really hated high school and I loved climbing, still do. No regrets.

  • Suzanne

    I wear 5.10, and I agree they’re great shoes. I’d choose them again.