Spring Thing

Today is the annual Spring Thing Fling event here in Smith Rocks.  People were up early and doing trail work, gardening and replacing rock steps, building, planting, and disposing  of old dead brush.  Also, a small group of locals replaced more than 100 bolts on routes that needed it.  Good work.  It was a productive day and everything that was on the list got accomplished.  A pat on the back to all the volunteers and organizers.  This is one of the main reasons why Smith Rock is ranked amongst the most user friendly climbing destinations in the world.  Tonight is the beer, the burritos, the raffle (over 8000 dollars worth of free gear) and the slide shows.  If you're around and looking for a good time, come on out, don't be shy.

In other news, I got some new shoes in the mail.  yahoo!  I've been waiting to try the new Anasazi Lace up,  the white ones and slap me sideways if they ain't worth their weight in solid gold.  The heel fits better than ever and the edge is full power due to the tight last.  I got my one size smaller than I normally wear my pinks and they fit perfectly, also I am lacing them up to the top for more stability.  I am more than happy with this new design.  I just hope they don't discontinue them, before we have the chance to order 10 extra pair.

The other shoe I was really happy with is the Daescent.  It's sort of an approach shoe, climbing shoe, guiding shoe and free runner.  I know I might sound like a punter, but I can't help it, I have worn out and tried on more than my share of climbing shoes over the past decade, and these ones do perform.  They fit snug and comfortably, they edge, they smear, they sneak, they sneer, they pad, they try, they flight and they fly.  I am thoroughly enjoying these so far, they are super light weight.  I think they're my new guiding shoe, perfect for big walls and aid, (not to mention I sent the red problem on Marks 35 degree wall last night).  I was so happy when I put them on, I jumped up on the railing and my friend snapped this picture, I was smiling on the inside.