Life is good!

I love Smith Rock and I don’t care who knows it. The secret is out, this place rules. It is seriously, seriously beautiful. Things are turning around fast, yesterday was like the worlds best temperature for climbing, everything was sticky and sweet and I do mean everything. Since this is my blog and not yours, I am going to talk about myself, not because I think you or anyone else cares, but because I had a relatively good day and I’m proud of it, sort of. After a warm up I did a 5.13b second try, then a 5.13a/b flash, then a 5.13c/d second try and I finished with a lap on Churning 5.13a – barely. I managed to pull this off in worn out Moccasyms without throwing up, fainting or injuring any other body parts. So I’m stoked. I think this means I am starting to get over the malaria and my strength is coming back, I got two more weeks. And on that note…


April 25th 2008 is the first ever Malaria Day. The point of this event is to help raise awarness and funding for the countries who need our help. Malaria kills more than one million people every year, and that number is unacceptable. The virus is avoidable and treatable. A great website is here you can purchase a long lasting mosquito net which two children can sleep under, you may save their life and the nets can last up to five years (I think they are treated with insecticide). 100 percent of donations go directly to buying these nets and the website will show you where your nets go and how. Even United Nations is calling for coverage of 500 millions citizens (250 million nets) by 2010. Check into it, it’s pretty nifty.

So, last night we had a great dinner over at the Steve House residence, as it turns out Mr.House bought a house near the park. I’d tell you where, but then all you freaky people would pilgrimage there and camp out on his lawn, looking for guidance or leadership from the great Alpine climber, the same way people used to camp out on Bob Dylan’s property, mistaking him for the Prophet or Messiah or something, he was eventually forced to leave his Woodstock home because of errant travelers with no direction who butchered his quiet family life. Damn Hippy-crites. By the way, Steve is like one of the nicest guys in the whole world.

Notice how we both chose our formal dining attire. Patagonia plaid. Real classy. From left to right, fat head, Mark, Sierra, Steve, Derek G, aka Big D. We ate so much food and ice cream and chocolate brownies and beer, I didn’t eat breakfast, christ I barely had any lunch. I was still burning off home made spaghetti sauce. Thanks for that gang, it was a real treat.

After a storm blew over, this is what the road looked like heading to the house. Awesome light, I photographers dream. No wonder so many pro’s move to Oregon. And this next picture is just a far away shot of the Optimist wall, taken from the parking lot.

My Chiro appointments are really helping, I am beginning to generate a lot more movement in my back, more like a play-doh and less like a plank of wood, at least better than four days ago anyway. I have definitely compromised the sacrum and L5 joint, and when talking to my mom, she remembers the day I did it. While in Ontario last week, I hauled out some concrete slabs from a collapsed water well with my dad (who is the strongest man alive by the way) and we tried to get out this big f*#$er. I pulled so hard all hunched over, but it just wouldn’t budge. exactly five days later is started hurting. According to the doctor and the internet, that is a super common time-line after an injury. Soooo, at least now I know what I did to it and when, this will all pass over soon, I will do everything the specialists tell me to do and I will do everything my girlfriend tells me to do and I will be climbing highballs before I know it. I am strapping ice to my back three times every day and I lay down more often than Jenna Jameson. I’ll be back in the saddle in no time at all. Thanks to everyone who sent me letters. I hope you all have great health as well, because if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much, or so they say, something like that. I should go and stretch now.

Have a great weekend. S.

  • Suzanne

    Great pics Sonnie, really appreciated those, I am heading down the west coast to Oregan to climb at smith rocks, heard too many great things about that drive down, the beautiful beaches, and the climbing of course. Heading down the last two weeks of May, and from there, on through the Rockies, Lake Louise, Jasper, Banff, Canmore, all must sees, and climbing with some from Oregan, and more from Alberta.

    True what you say; to have your health is everything; so here’s to good health 🙂
    Watch that back of yours, and TC.