So there I was…

Walking through the maze that is Chapters (Ottawa) and I serendipitously stumble upon the magazine section. I’ve been thinking alot about growing herbal medication to supplement my income – Just like the rest of the ACMG or anyone else who lives in the interior for that matter, (I’m joking, relax) and there I see it, either it was a funny joke by the guy who stocks the shelf or they really think climbers are pot heads, but here is what I found, I laughed so hard I nearly dumped my non-fat-non-dairy-gluten free-sugar free-non soy-cinnamon sprinkled coffee all over some fur coated lady standing behind me reading the latest Martha Stewart Magazine, that made me laugh even harder and I was forced to pull out my SLR and take a snap shot. Here it is, but before you look make sure you set your mug down on a stable surface.

About 20 minutes later, we took a drive around the block and we stumbled upon Stephen Harper’s house (for those of you who don’t know, I think he is our Prime Minister) his mansion is not quite as impressive or triumphant as the ‘ol White house, but then again Canada is not quite like the U.S. of A. – Hallelujah to that, amen and praise the lord. Too far? Doh! Anyway, here is what the place looks like at 40 clicks per hour through the passanger side window, impressive I know. If you feel overly compeled to purchase this image, I understand, please contact me at

Okay and then on my last leg of the slide show tour, I stopped in Quebec City to see some friends and share some pictures and movies. The week before I arrived, they got record breaking snow fall, lke 15 feet. Unfortunately I missed the best of it, but this is what the streets looked lke a week later, when most of it melted, AWESOME.

Okay, enough of this blogging stuff, I have to go out and climb. The sun just poked through the clouds and I am itching to grip some real stone, if you can call it that. Technically it’s labelled “welded tuff”, but my friend Mark says it’s neither, it’s not welded and it ain’t that tough.

Best wishes,


  • tim m

    great story

    enjoy smith and soak up the sun

  • sonnie

    Sup Tim,

    The sun is on its way for Thurs and 65 degrees. Can’t wait. It’s only been like a month since I got back from India, but I just hate being cold. Check ya later dawg.

  • Pat

    hey sonnie,

    since the usa is so evil why do you climb here so much ?

  • sonnie

    Ha ha ha! Interesting comment Pat! Funny, I don’t ever recall labeling the usa as “evil”, but then again I don’t often recall some of my best friends names, so perhaps you stand correct. My bad! Can I make a ‘take back’?

    I climb down here in the Five-O cause the grappling is oh-so very sweet. Ain’t no denying that. Also there is this strange thing that occurs: the weather is usually warmer during the fall and spring, aboot the same time Canada is getting thumped hard with the fluffy white stuff. Not to mention I have some long lost friends I enjoy visiting down here too eh.

    Dude, it was a joke. Canada is great, the USA is great, you are great, everything is great. We all have some issues that need to be worked out, all countries, all cities, all communities and all people (especially me) so hitherto, let us just laugh about it.

    Take for example my skinny girl arms or the nasty rash on the bottom of Bills foot. These are issues that need to be worked out. But until Bill finds some ointment, (or I some testosterone) we will point and yes we will laugh, often viciously and incessantly.

    I’m sorry if I offended you Pat, or anyone else for that matter, sorry, sorry, sorry. Indeed t’was not my intention, but sometimes I just can’t control the words flying off my keyboard, especially after I down a few tall drinks on the rocks, ever try mixing NyQuil and Vicodin? Pszzzat!

    Besides all this, who can deny the Volcanic Tuff and sun drenched sport climbing of smith rocks? It’s beautiful down here and when the weather gets too hot to climb hard, everyone is welcome up to the Great White North for some cooler temps and maple syrup, u can crash on my couch.

  • Pat

    hey was totally kidding there superman, hope ya heal up, being injured ain’t cool== hey you still owe us a thanksgiving dinner hah hah
    take care dude