On the road, again!

Well, I have been a lazy ass the last week.  Sorry, but things are turning around again, I am off to Smith Rocks today, in like one hour.

To sum things up, Montreal and Quebec were the last stops in my slide show tour and went well, two very beautiful cities, with very beautiful people,  we had a boat load of fun and things went very smoothly.  I wish I had time to thank everyone who got involved but I don't, fortunately, you know who you are and I want to say thank you and much love.

I had to deal with Taxes this week, both 2006 and 2007 and since I have like 14 different sources of trickling income it's complicated, and then you have to take into considration the U.S dollar and how it's been sliding around like a monkey in a shampoo bottle, it's not an easy task.  To add on to that, I had chiro appointments and compromised L4 and L5, just like everyone else in the world, but T5 and T9 aren't moving very nicely either, so the work was much appreciated.   

Canmore is crap right now, like 8 inches of snow and cold as I can ever remember being,  great if you still have a ski pass, but if you have a new drill, new Five Tens and a box of cika, it's not so much fun,  we'll have to wait another couple of weeks.  Bummer.

Not that this effects the weather in Smith, it's supposed to be rad and here I go again, avoiding my responsibilities to climb rocks, crimp edges and take in as much vitamin D as my body can sustain.  It's all going to catch up with me one day, I know it.

So, for all of you travelling freaks out there, catching a plane to work or to the next climbing heaven, or even to visit mom and dad, this Buds for you.


Talk to ya'll in a couple of days with a Smithy report.  It's going to be a "BITCHIN" spring season.  I hope the malaria doesn't come back.