The Worlds Best Climber!

So here we are again back where we started with the big question: Who is the worlds best climber?

The answer:  Who cares.

What matters – is who's having the most fun.  And today there is NO QUESTION, the award goes to L'il Sydney from Okotoks.  At 21 months this little charm can show us all a thing or two about the simple love and joys of climbing.  Thanks for sending this in Mark, your family rules. I just got back from visiting my sister tonight.  She too has a 21 month old, a three year old and now a 12 week old.  But they don't climb.  Yet.  They only see me like every six months, but when they get older, I'll be the crazy uncle who lives out west in his van down by the river.  If they want to climb, ski, base jump or learn how to avoid police, responsibility and commitment, they can give me a hollar and I'll do my best to point them in the right direction.  Until then, let's hear it for Sydney…

"Dear Sonnie,
I enjoy reading your blog and like knowing that one of the world's best plays in the same mountains my family enjoys.  I wanted to submit an entry for the World's Best Climber for a day.  We have a bouldering wall in our basement and our daughter took to climbing it to the top at about 19 months.  At 21 months she agreed to a video shoot which you can reach at the following link:  just cut and paste:
Sydney's first climbing experience was at Red Rock Canyon in Waterton National Park at 17 months where she got up from lunch and started to climb the canyon walls without suggestion from anyone.  She has since climbed at Wasooch, the Winnie the Pooh park at Disneyworld, the Okotoks Crystal Shores Beach House fireplace, our Canmore condo fireplace and the Stronghold in Calgary to name a few.  She just turned two this last St. Patrick's Day and she's looking forward to this year's outdoor season.
Thanks for your consideration on this most prestigeous prize.
Mark & Jenn Kozak "

  • Véro

    Met you at Vertical Reality tonight… didn’t realize it was you climbng with Josée! But do have to say that you DO rock!! Hope to be there tomorrow night, if not may see you again at VR?!