Happy Birthday!

April 5th is a big one! On this special day (27 years ago), the world was introduced to a shooting star. An angel in disguise. Some know her as Lil’Z, the smurf or just plain slim – and she is a beautiful force beyond human apprehension, I swear to you, her attributes are too lovely and far too great to begin a list, you will have to discover them for yourself. She entered my life on a day I will never forget and I am forever grateful we have spent the last year and half side by side. Yes, I realize this is a cheesy entry, and has little to do with pulling down on sick crimps, but it’s all true, she is by far and away my most favorite person on this planet. For those of you who don’t know, it was Lydia Zamorano’s birthday yesterday and I will be raising another glass of wine in her honor tonight as I am in Toronto, and she is working in Canmore.

For information about Lydia, check out her new blog which she only started a week ago. She was sick and tired of waiting for me in internet cafe’s while I pecked at the keyboard documenting my thoughts and my day to day activities. So, if you can’t beat them join them, and she started “being with yoga” at Blog spot. Lydia is as bright as they come, and she has a passion for the written word. She is the most articulate writer I’ve come across. check it out yo…


Happy Birthday Slim!

On another note; the Toronto Slide show was a HUGE success. I want to thank EVERYONE for coming out and to Derek and Amy and all the other AMAZING volunteers for their hard work and strong efforts. The Pilot Bar and Grill was a perfect venue and the hall upstairs was beyond full capacity. Good thing the fire marshals didn’t stop by, getting shut down by police would be another tick on my list of slide show failures, ha ha. Although it was a standing room only event, (except for the lucky ones up front with the cushy seats and the diner tables) the room was packed wall to wall. Everone involved including the club members were overwhelmed by the response. Thanks to all my friends for coming out and for every new friend I made last night. Thanks for all the beer and the good vibrations and thanks for supporting the ACC and Five Ten and representing for T-dot. Thanks to Joe Rockheads, MEC and all the other great companies who threw down for door prizes. It was a night unforgettable!



  • Suzanne

    Well of course she’s as bright as they come, she is a woman. Women are the superior sex! Didn’t you know that? 🙂

    “Happy Birthday Lydia” for yesterday..

  • Apes

    Happy Birthday Lydia!!! April is the BEST month ever. My parents were real original in naming me, I was also born in April. HA! Jokes on me!

  • Lydia

    Um, I’m blushing.