In 2004 with the intention of trying to earn a little extra road tripping cash, I put together a neat little video clip of my (along with some totally radical friends) trip to Malta and even threw in some pictures and music too,  ooh – aah.

The master plan was to take this collection of multi-media stuff on the road with me and perform a series of slide show tours.  A hard sell, I know.  Really, who wants to go see a slide show?  I haven’t made it to a show in a long time, although I did go to see Aaron Blacks film about climbing a big wall in Powell River, the hype was huge and I only lived three blocks away from the venue, so naturally how could I refuse.  Aaron did a great job with the organization and the bookings and the marketing of theatres and whatnot, the one in Vancouver had such comfortable seats, i think I even dozed off just a little bit.

So ANYWAY,  my own efforts did not unfold so smoothly (if you recall).  One venue booked me on the wrong night that I thought we agreed on, so I showed up a day late a dollar short, only to learn that 30 or 40 people had waited for hours the night before.  Such a bummer.  Then, on a side note I was asked to trade in one of my rope sponsors for another, so there was a mixup there which was for the best of course, but it sucked at the time.  Then I got a horrible flu and sinus infection in Canmore and I barely pulled off my Calgary stop, arriving 45 minutes late (I am such a shit) but the infection got worse so I canceled Edmonton.  When I got back East, I learned that my Great Aunt had passed away and so to attend the funural I had to cancel the Eastern shows, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec.  Except for Toronto, which was free and turned into a technical disaster, (in short my computer nearly blew up) – I tried to make up for it in humor, but I’m not a funny guy so things fell apart at the seams.  FAST!  The ship went down as they say!

HA – HA – HA.  When I look back at it all, it’s pretty funny, actually it was pretty funny at the time as well, especially when one consumes three or seven beers at the nearby pub.  Nothing we can do now but laugh and if I owe anyone an appology, I am sincerely sorry!

Well, here it is FOUR years later and I haven’t changed a bit.  Well, I’m maybe a little bit weaker, skinnier and I can grow more facial hair then before, but I’m still not very funny and I am still very much a flake.  But wait – lets see if I’m at any real turning point in my life – The Alpine Club of Canada seems to think so.

The ACC has partnered up with Five Ten to help promote their local sections.  I have been invited on a slide show tour extravaganza.  I will be hitting up the east coast this week and next and then maybe later I’ll add more dates and venues in the WEST.  LOGO TIME!

The show is called ‘The Indian Summer’.  Its reference is due in part by a beautiful boulder problem by the same name located in Hampi, as well as my trip there and my perpetual mission to avoid winter.  Hmmm – very clever indeed.  I will be showing never before seen footage and films as well as some old slides from climbing ‘back in the day’.  The two films are as follows,  ‘The Path’ 22 minutes long and ‘Hampi 2008’ 16 minutes.  Like I said before these have never been seen and should be good fun.  Here is the tour beta you’ll need…

Thunder Bay – April 3rd at the Finlandia Club.  Doors open at 7pm.

Toronto – April 5th at the Stealth Lounge, 22 Cumberland Street.  7pm.

Ottawa – April 9th at the Chinese-Canadian Heritage Centre, 397 Kent St.  7pm.

Montreal – April 11th at the McGill University.  The McConel Engineering Building, Room 204.  6pm.

Quebec City – April 12 at the New Delire Climbing Center. 7pm.

For more information regarding these 5 shows, please contact your local Alpine Club Section.  Or try the official website, or you can try contacting me and I’ll do the best I can to help ya out.

  fancy hair cut in Hampi – FOTO:  Paul Bride


  • pete

    sweet. the calgary show, while phlegmy, was most enjoyable (cept for Nels in the short shorts *shudder*)

    i, for one, look forward to a western leg.

    and seriously, no mohawk during the head shaving process, even temporarily? disappointing.

  • Sonnie

    HA HA! Sup Pete!

    So ‘YOU’ were the guy who enjoyed the Calgary show. Nice. I heard about you.

    Okay, from now on – as much as we all love Nels, no more short short pics coming from me. Besides, that was so 2005. Last summer I got some Kodak moments of our corn fed crusher running about in tight bright-pink track pants, so hot.

    And no, I did not go for the mohawk, not even for the foto, nor did I allow the other barber to cut my hair, who was like ten years old – I swear to GOD. But maybe you’d like to learn that I am currently working on a seriously nasty mooouuustache!

    I will keep you posted on the Western Leg fo shizzle. Did I just write that? Word.


  • Mo

    When you’re in Montreal…you should swing south and give the Burlington crowd a good show.