Middle Way

A.K.A – The Pilgimage Cover boulder.  Yes, this beautiful boulder problem went down last night and I stood on top of it's whale's back shaped summit.  Shaped like a whale but textured more like a dynosaur's skin, only much sharper.  This is sort of a big deal for a guy like me and it could not have happened with better timing.  Tomorrow is my last day in Hampi.  Actually, it's a sad day for the Goan Corner in general, in all about 10 climbers are parting ways and heading off into the sunset, some back to France, others to Badami, some are going North to see Nepal and others going south to see Karala and the world famous fishing net techniques.  Me, I am meeting my lovely lady in Goa for a week on the beach.  There will be little to no climbing after this, (ever try to climb after a week in the ocean?  Not a pretty sight)  Which is why I am leaving behind everything climbing related, two pairs of shoes, crash pad, chalk bag, chalk, tape, even an old rope and some quickdraws.  Hopefully it will all be put to good use. After we catch some waves and rays in Goa we board a plane to Bangalore, to Paris, to Toronto and then to Calgary, finally an hours drive to Canmore should put us safely on the couch of some unfortunate friend.  Grin.  Life is good.

The funny thing about traveling within India, is that NOTHING is easy.  Shit, you have to work hard for your bus ticket, train ticket, ect… and if you don't you're not getting one, it's that simple.  Even then, you have to fight your way to the station, bully your way on board and scrap your worked sack of bones intro a seat, if your lucky enough to have one.  So when you do finally arriveat your destination, you feel as though you REALLY earned it.  A pat on the back is not necessary but acceptable and common practise by many.

Holly A.D.D.  batman, wasn't a talking about Middle Way?  OKay, so I say it's a big deal because let's admit it folks, I'm just not that strong of a boulderer.  Hell, I'm not that strong of a rock climber period.  Those 15 years of playing competative hockey really did wonders for my thighs and ass, but my dream of having Fredric Nicole like forarms is not in the cards.  I got long skinny fingers and limp wrists, if I climb anything remotely hard, it's because I cheat.  Yah, cheat – I use, knee bars, arm bars, chin smears, knee scums, heel hooks and lot's of finger tape.  So, to end my climbing trip with what maybe one of the sexiest looking lines in Hampi, I was fairly chuffed to say the least.  They say it's 8a, which I think translates to V11, but there's no way I can climb 8a in 30 degree heat, but who knows,  maybe I'm just tapping into my man strength, ha ha ha, – no, no, no, it can't be that.  Okay enough words, you want pictures, I'm sure…

This image was taken by Evrard Wendenaun from France.  He is a photographer and filmaker living in Grenoble.  Rad guy, talented and driven.  I hope he doesn't mind me using this image for my blog.  Please don't try and steal it.  Here are some more, these next pictures are mine, so steal away you filthy crumbs.


This picture was taken to celebrate our up and coming departures.  All of us except for Paul got a 'Hail to the Queen', which is a rich desert of Choc, ice cream, crumble, raisins and god knows whatever else, it's sweet, it's filling and it is delicious.  No need for dinner or breakfast, not too shabby for 60 rupees.  Look at this group of champion athletes.


Just a pitcure I saw on the trail the other day, I thought it looked cool.  Nuff said.  Hampi, that-a-way boyeee, giddyup!

And this is the last picture of the day, I promise.  Sunset, up at the Monkey Temple.  The monkey temple is where the god was born, but most people don't really care that much, for them it's just a cool place to watch the sunset and smoke dope.  Either way, it was time for me to see it for myself, been here like three weeks and never walked up there.  It's actually quite refreshing, feels good, takes about 15 – 20 minutes and the temple on the top is quite a sight, but the monkeys – good Lord the monkeys, they will steal the food right from your hand and your camera or wallet too if you're not careful.  Wouldn't surprise me in the least to see them over at the Pawn Shop later trying to get a hundred rupees for your new Canon.  It's certainly possible and these monkeys have the skills.

Gotta be getting on,  sleep is a good frined of mine.


  • Love the updates! They are really motivating and inspiring for those of use who are stuck in our cubicles.

  • nice storybook night-before-i-leave-send…

    have fun in the trance capital of the world, and remember, drugs are bad.

  • tim m

    Hope you have a great time on the beach and thanks for your view of Hampi. Hope your reentry in Canmore isn’t too harsh. Safe journeys.

  • sarah

    sweet pic’s Sonnie – Hampi looks dreamy!

    Enjoy every moment on the beach and the last few weeks of India’s wonderfully beautiful organized chaos.

    Spring seems to have arrived, 12 degrees in Cow-town this weekend…YAM awaits your return.

    huge hugs to you both – smj

  • Danny

    I thought when you were talking about Evrard Wendenaun, the photo you were talking about was the ‘hail to the queen’ one… I was wondering how did he get that dudes name?… and man was he ever the talented photographer..

  • Hi Sonny,
    here is Bjoern the German from Hampi, I would only say it was a great time in Hampi and now i am back in my real life in Dresden.Wich is not so bad the Sandstonetowers…

  • Sonnie


    Whew! I never realized I got so many good friends on here. It’s been a while since I’ve logged on and I got some catching up to do.

    Narc, thanks for your words. I’m glad I can reach the cubicle crew working professionals, as well as the Kraft dinner eating couch surfing dirt bags. It’s an honor.

    Pete, the trance music gets a little much sometimes eh? Even now, like two weeks later I still find myself in the kitchen, making a tasty sandwhich – all the while dancing and grooving to the eternal beats burned into my skull, forever. Drugs are bad.

    Tim. Canmore has been welcoming, thank you.

    Sarah. Thanks for dinner last night, Salmon is always my favorite, went well with the red vino for sure.

    Danny, hope to see you again soon buddy, stay in touch on your travels and all those special ladys in your life. IN your squamish in the fall, drop me a line.

    Bjoern, great to hear from you, from Germany no less. I got some good pics of you homey, so I need your email. Have fun on the sandstone and save a tower for me.