Bloody Hot!

Well, the last three days have been in around 34-38 degrees.  I am starting to think this may be too hot to climb very hard.  But damn if it isn't fun.  Team France just arrived, Mikeal, Axel, Julien and Liv Sansov.  All bullish strong and motivated, so that's keeping my moral up, I was about one bloody flapper away from heading to the beach.

Two days ago, we went out and climbed some WICKED 7c+, like V10.  It was an older Klem Loskot problem, so good, clean and pretty.  Ce tres jolly.  Allez.  Allez.  We got some good pics and video but that wil have to wait until next time, oh and I made some more of these classic Hampi Pants, only this time they are made bright pink, in honor of Nels Rossasen.  Dude, if you read this, I am bring home a pair for you as well, you're gonna love'em.  Pink is in right now in India, if you're a woman.  All the tailors laughed at me when I said that pink is the new black, I suppose they don't get Project Runway with Heidi Klum over here on prime time.  Bollywood makes more movies per year than any where else on the planet.  They even make movies of movies already made, they set up the same shots, the exact same clothes, cars, script and whatnot, but they shoot them all over again in Hindi.  I thought that was brilliant.  So funny.  

Anyway, so we didn't get back to the river until about 8 oclock that night, the boat is closed.  We sat on the edge of the river for about 15 minutes, smoking to keep the mozzies at bay.  We didn't really have a back up plan, and although walking across is possible, we had no lamps and too much camera gear to risk it.  Suddenly we heard a voice…  "you want boat?"  "Oui"  we replied.  "okay"!

10 minutes later this raft came into sight.  A boy no older than maybe 8 was rowing with one paddle.  "no lights, no talk" he said, telling us to keep our lighters and our voice under wraps.  Why I wondered.   "police, come quickly" he said.  I love this kid.  He charge us after hours river crossing, 50 rupees each, when it usually costs 10.  The kid is making bank.  He told me he took already 20 other travelers across.  He has strong arms, and  a stronger heart.  I got some pics of this as well, but only on my film camera.

So, in celebration of spring and all this heat, I decided to shave my head.  It's been nearly ten years since I did that the last time and I must admit, I was a bit nervous of discovering lost feathers.  My dad has all his hair, but both gandparents on both sides were bald, so maybe it's only a matter of time.  Ha ha.  However it's not just the heat, the truth is that the air is so dirty here, so thick and dusty and grim that having long-ish hair was becoming a major bitch. Every day it dread locked on its own, twist and curled and tangled into a hippy mess of a rats nest.  No more. It's gone.  Inspired by Mike Doyle and Kenny from Brisbane.


I'd smile, but I'm just not happy, this world sucks,  hard core, I hate everything. I wear black.

These are the huts we are staying in.  Sometimes life is so good I feel like we're cheating.  But they're certainly cozy, you get your own bathroom and hammock and scorpion with each hut.  The beds are comfy and the mosquito nets are romantic!  They come in pink and purple and full moon blue.  We can walk to the boulders from here in about 3 minutes.  So rough.

And this is a pitcure I took of a lonely bicycle.  It sort of represents India to me, in a weird abstract way, it's lost without a companion, no lock, empty alley, empty emotions, the wall is dirty and crumbling and the bars in the window represent the hard nature of our world, the harsh reality of the junk we make and the shit we buy – and life is alot like that.  OR… maybe it's just a silly picture of a bike.  I dunno!

One more week and then to Badami, a crazy town with nearly ZERO westerners, we have to sleep in the rocks and buy our own mozzy nets, I plan to use four sticks to prop the net up and we plan to buy lot's of food that won't spoil.  It's going be REAL adventure sport climbing. Yahooooooo!

L8ter.   s.




  • andrea

    Hey “diavolo”, nice time in Hampi, eh? See you soon.