Okay, so I was kinda sick last few days, with a bout of who knows what.  I met up with Christie (knew her from Squamish) and we both cruised down back to Mysore.  Here I am spending V-day with Lydia and hopefully getting in some bouldering.  My good friend Paul Bride arrived yesterday as well, and he's always up for some madness.  So things are going to get a lot more interesting around here.  ha ha.  Gokalum is rad, not much has changed since I was last here, some new yogis have come and others have gone.  The die hards are still here, yoga forever.  Good policy. Paul and I have five days until we go back to Hampi, trying to get some pics of the local bouldering and also this bigger climbing area outside of Bangalore.  Looking forward to multi pitch again.


Here is a picture of Danny, from Kansas/Iowa.  He climbed so hard in Hampi, he didn't even feel the flesh ripping off his three fingers, the man is an animal and yet he can't seem to stop smiling.  Hope he still there when I get back, good to climb with good people. 

These two pics are just interesting, not yet photoshoped so they all may look a little bleek.  But alas this is what I have.  Two snap shots, the first a father son duo on the train, with the banana planation in the background, so cool.  The second is of the boat man who gets us across the river every day.  You've never seen a sunset until you have seen it under an indian sky.

Peace and happy Valentine's Day.


  • Jonathan Seubold

    Danny!?! What are you doing on Sonnie Trotter’s Blog?