Well it has only been a day or two maybe since my last entry, but the pics are fun as hell and I promised a few people I would update regularly! Aaaand since it's so hot right now, I'll take the time to post them.

The other day we went on a huge mission to find a different platue, it was about a 45 minute hike, the idea was to meet up in the morning with three or four friends and go, 6AM.  Well, as it turned out, about 15 people showed up in the dark.  We all crossed the river in our gich gonch and hiked like an army into the streets of Hampi and up into the boulders.  The same boulder I had my slight encounter with, but this time, there were more of us than them, ha ha.  No worries.  The place was rad, had some beautiful climbs for sure, some mega classics. Here are pics of the hike, andsince I really don't feel like writing too much, I'll just use eye candy to tell my stories.

The Big Walk, Peter leading the way…

I have never seen so many climbers on one trail before, we were a force. 

This is one of the FA we did, pretty sure anyway.  I am sporting my new "made in Hampi" climbing pants, the best design I 've ever come across, light weight, baggy, but not too baggy, a boulderers dream come true.  Hard pinch start, bad feet, pull to a good crimp and mantle the slab, blah blah, but hey, check out that hair I got, say it with me…KRAMER! 


Another beautiful line.  This boulder was nothing like we've seen here before, polished, glassy, like Castle Hill would be I'd imagine.  Super classic.  Not too hard, a campus start, smooth slopers and then runnel pinching and squeezing into ankle threatening territory.  This is my German friend named Beorn.  Strong dude, good head and funny as hell 


Our friend the Baba, here down by the river, he tells us stories and teaches me how to roll a cigarette, or something like that anyway, I can't remember… but nice guy anyway.  Nice guy.  A Simple man.


These two cats were the happiest friendliest bunch of Indians I have met yet, they kept asking me to take their picture and the very second I raised the camera, they would stop smiling.  I said "smile" a few times, but this is all I got out of them,  they own the…drum roll please –  yep you guessed it, the ice cream store here in Hampi.  The call it "FULL POWER FOOD" ice cream, here, you sit, you eat, you climb strong tomorrow, full power.  ha. ha ha.  So serious.

I am off to get some more of my favorite climbing pants made, maybe in green or brown, you know, earth tones.





  • owen

    you better bring some of those pants back for the rest of us to try ;P

  • Sonnie

    Hey Owen, that’s pretty funny you should mention it, I’m working on it for a few friends already, the idea has crossed my mind to bring more, since they are pretty radical pants. What is your size Owen? I think I can make Med, Large and extra large. But these are not N/A sizes, Med is more like small, for the wee people. Ha ha ha.

    No need add another entry for this, but check it out, today I ordered a black coffee, it arrived and I added just the right amount of sugar, coffee to me is like desert, I just can’t wait for the next cup of joe. So as I clutched the glass and raised it to my chin, I was suddenly splashed with the black liquid. As it turned out, a bird sitting up in a tree, shat in my Nescafe. What are the odds? ha ha. Better in the coffee than on my pants. Waiter!

  • Apes

    Mmmmmmmmm. Bird pooffee.

  • Suzanne

    Ha Ha @ bird droppings in the coffee. That’s far too funny! :))