Same Same, boring shiz

Well, there really isn't that much to report these days.  Life is pretty chill.  We climb in the mornings before it gets too hot and then we sit in the shade at the Mango Tree Cafe and sip on Lassi's and Ginger Tea, eating Banana Chocolate pancakes.  I have discovered and uncovered a few radical projects that I am stoked on.  One of them is about 22 feet high and I need some serious crash padding as it could be a dangerous fall.  But WHOA it's such a striking line that it's worth the effort.  

Yesterday after climbing I was walking back from the boat and through the fields.  I walked past the water buffalo as usual, but this time, one of them, I am assuming was the king of the herd, decided he/she? didn't like me none too much.  He walked over and stopped right in front of me, just like a bully in high school would.  He starred me down for a good 30 seconds and snorted. He was about two arm lengths away.  For me this was unusual, because I walk by them everyday, even wadded with a few of 'em in the river and I've even pet some, no probs.

Once I didn't move he began to make his way forward, and I had no where else to turn but towards the river, which is really no good escape because they love the water.  The horns were starting to look less like decoration and more like weapons, quite threatening indeed, if only I had my crash pad.  I even had flash backs of that You tube video, the safari of the Water Buffalo, the Lions and the Crock.  I hope I wasn't about to be attacked.  But he kept walking at me, snorting, forcing me to the edge of the river and away from the herd.  Once, I got far anough I kept walking along, he stayed right with me until I was no longer a threat to the rest of the animals and then ran back.

It will be interesting to see what happens this afternoon when I return.  Hopefully he's in a better mood. Here are a few pics…


Analise ( I think thats the right spelling?) climbing at Baba Cafe, the golden hour of the day, I don't know how hard this one is, but it's big bold and beautiful. 


Where's Waldo.  In this particular case, Waldo is Laurant from France, climbing high above his spotters, higha s kite.  No seriously, he is.   The rocks here are B.I.G. and C.L.A.S.S.I.C.     T.H.I.S. I.S. S.O. C.O.O.L.    I.  T.H.I.N.K. I. A.M. G.O.I.NG. T.O. W.R.I.T.E. L.I.K.E. T.H.I.S. A.L.L. T.H.E. T.I.M.E. S.T.A.R.T.I.N.G. N.O.W.


U.T.A.K.A. (okay screw it) —  The Japanese Warrior, that came to Hampi on a whim vacation.  He works for Apple as a telephone service agent, does yoga at home on occasion, but not much else.  We get him and his broken english to try climbing.  Pulling on the shoes, we all felt the strong breeze of an undiscovered talent.  When climbers usually start for their very first time ever, they are sloppy, and scrap their way up some chossy slab.  Not Utaka, he wanted the beautoful lines right from the start, he climbed with elegance and grace like nothing I've seen, squeezed holds with precision and intent and floated some of the areas hardest warm-ups.  A FUGGING NINJA.  Utaka, the great white Japanese Warrior.  Look out Dai, move over Yuji, we got a a serious, determined force on our hands. 


This is a hilarious picture of Clous from Austria (Analise's boyfriend) climbing the great Baba Mantle ubder the supportive eyes of Hampi's finest cheerleading squad.

Okay, I have to go, compooters sort of suck and I am in dire need of a pinapple smoothy.

Namaste, much love to all.


  • -Sonnie

    Looks like some great times and good vibes! And the look of determintaion on Utaka’s face is awesome. Looks like his was very much enjoying his first climbing experiance.