Hello Friend

Hello Friend, you want photo, okay Boss, where you from? Kanata? Ooh, very nice, you want photo?

This is something you pretty much hear twelve times on a daily basis, the beggars and shop keepers alike pretty much say the same things, which is okay, but it doesn’t make anyone really buy anything, you buy something when you are damn good and ready too, not because you’ve been hassled and arm pulled.

This blog is dedicated to the two best climbers in the world,(for today. If confused, read earlier post) Rolo and Colin, they just climbed the Mega Bad-Ass Patagonia Link-up-Proj of all time, if you are reading this and don’t know what I am talking about, you are either new to climbing, my mom and dad or some poor unfortunate web surfer who accidentally stumbled upon my site while looking for the famous Sonnie Day singer song writer for gospel followers. www.sonnieday.com We call her “Girl Preacher” Sonnie Day accepted the call to spread the gospel as a minister on January 15, 2006. She has been given a mission by God to speak to His churches, under an exclusive title that only the Holy Ghost could give. God has equipped her with the boldness and the authority to shake the nations with His Word and His anointing. Sonnie is available for retreats, conferences, women programs, youth services, etc.

So how bout that Rolondo eh? Years of effort. I emailed him to say congrats, and he told me it was “a long time coming, like a hard redpoint where it becomes only a matter of time”. I’m just glad he bagged it before the hairy chested Huber show arrived. Colin, you’re a sick motha buddy, keep up the good suffering boys, someone has to do it, and it sure as shit ain’t going to be me. Congrats to them – a MONUMENTAL effort indeed and one of the last great Alpine objectives of all time, I’m sure.

So, on to my blog, GAWD I hate admitting that I have a blog, but time is of the essence here in curry village and I just can’t get around to emailing all the people I care about individually, so alas, here I am with my B.L.O.G.
Yesterday I took a hike by myself hoping to discover the next midnight lighting or Mandala, but not before stopping in town for some cash at the ATM and a Chai. So, with my new SLR camera in hand and 5000 rps in my pocket, I go out for a stroll, past one of the signs that says, ‘WARNING BANDITS. Do not travel at night, do not travel alone.’ Ahhhh HUMBUG. And off I go, like a brave night into the haunted forest. 15 minutes and who knows how many scrambles later, I drop into a cave like feature, careful not to scuff up my new hippy dippy t-shirt. As I am brushing off the dust I hear a mans voice, in my ear. Literally, he was standing about three feet away. “Hello Friend” he asked me. “HI” I replied, and before the echo could vanish I began sussing out the situation (and escape route) with darting, frantic eyes. As the lack of light in the cave/stack/cluster of boulders adjusted to my retna (spelling?) I realized that there are at least four men in here with me, if not five or six. All of them dirty and painfully smelly. “Which country?” he asked with a grin. “Canada” I replied reluctantly and of course returning the grin back at ’em. “Are you alone?” He said next. Now this is where your brain flicks into over drive, what if I say yes, what if I say no, what if I just start running, or what if I just sit down and enjoy some of their tasty looking muck they got in the pot? As much as I liked this guy and I’m sure his grubby friends where also a good hoot, I had this overwhelming suspicion that I was about to get proper mugged. (Mom if you’re reading this know that I’m fine, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, I’m not trying to scare you, just telling the story of what happened, he he).

Okay, so there I was, he looked at me closer before I replied, “NO! God no” I bellowed. “My friends and I are just looking for a good hike, they’re right behind me, just over this boulder here” I nearly crossed the line and told him they had machettes and hand grenades.

“Ahh good, hike, yes”

“Yes, hike”

And that was the end of our conversation. I turned and leaped out of the cave, suddenly I didn’t give a flying fart if there were ten Mandala’s around the corner, hell there could be a Ceuse, an El Cap, a Font and a Red River Gorge and I wouldn’t stop to look back. The very last thing you need in Hampi is a stab wound, a broken limb or Down parka, all of which are very possible to obtain. So I shall continue on with my wits about me and a learned lesson. As should everyone.

The President is coming tomorrow, so they are shutting down Hampi for 4 days, no boat, no open shops, NOTHING. 500 military personelle are coming in. Crazy place this india.

Man and his monkey!

Too many blocs.

A childs first pair of climbing shoes, Sportiva? Obviously he has not developed a good sense of taste, I’m sure he’ll be wearing 5.10’s in just a couple more years, he’s only 7 months after all, cut the kid some slack.

I think this monkey was giving me the evil eye, if he was any bigger, I’m positive he’d try to eat me! Maybe it the banana I was clutching.

God save the queen.

Sonnie T.

  • Suzanne

    Scary story, glad you are okay though and your instincts saved you. Yes, phew! Good you ran. Be careful out there.

    Always keep your wits about you to some extent when not in your home country/ familiar territory, as you can never be too safe. Thinking that way, will keep you safe.

    I remember an equally scary time I had some time ago, not in an unfamiliar country; but after a nightshift at a care home. Well this car pulled out in front of me without looking to see I was coming, so I hooted my horn, as you do, and he acted completely out of character; stopped his car causing me to stop mine as he was in front of me, and then marched over toward my window; I got the feeling he was going to attack me, so I got prepared in case (with foot on the accelerator ready), and as his hand reached for my car door (my side), I sounded my horn permanently, and floored the accelerator. My car sped off leaving him standing there, and almost taking his car door off in the process (as his car door was left open in his rage to come after me), the headcase.

    I was shocked at his reaction, as I couldn’t believe it. Afterwards, I realised my heart was racing as was the adrenaline, and reading your story I imagine you were feeling a similar way when those 4 guys surrounded you. I imagine they would have robbed you had you not ran.

    The only regret I had personally, was I didn’t take his bloody door off ๐Ÿ™‚

    As to the monkey, I remember when we lived in Singapore, me = aged 4, holding a bag of peanuts in one hand, and holding a peanut out to a monkey in the other (parents watching the whole thing); well the ‘cheeky monkey’ grabbed the bag out of my other hand then ran off. The “Cheeky Monkey”. Yes my parents did find it funny.

  • pete

    sonnie, while i am glad you’re still all in one piece… i am some kind of disappointed that story didn’t end with you, some crazy improvised martial art-esque spinning back kicks, and 6 bandits lying on the ground holding noses and crotches. the directors cut has you leaving some rupees on the belly of the biggest meanest one, you would utter some oscar worthy phrase, and alight from the cave, chuckling to yourself.

  • Suzanne. Please stay on the gripped forum and please stop polluting Sonnies site. You do not need to reply to me or this site. Just all of our feelings and someone needs to say something!

  • Suzanne

    Chaz. Who are you? Go take a hike, back to your polluted forum that you speak of, and mind your own business ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Suzanne

    Amusing is the ‘all of us’ comment, and who might ‘all of us’ be? You and all your imaginary friends, I can’t imagine someone as abusive of you having many real friends.

  • Suzanne

    And just remember Chaz (who ever you are). This is Sonnies site; not Chaz’s site, go take your immaturity and abuse elsewhere.

  • Will

    Hey Trotsky

    Looks like your trip is going stellar. Keep those monkeys away from Lydia, for godร‚ยดs sakes.

    Things are great down in Patagonia, if you like spooning with guys and not sleeping for days. Rolo and Colin sent the traverse and we have done a new route on Poincenot and climbed Desmochada… ร‚ยดFo life.

    Keep it real and be careful of the monkeys. Did they ever wash the elephant? And if so, how small did the bar of soap look?


  • joe

    Excellent photos you got of the monkey.

    I like coming here reading your blog sonnie but I am not happy to read the rants of a crazy lady here.

    Is it your blog or hers?


  • Suzanne

    S. Do you know Chaz and Joe? Well I don’t.

    So maybe you can provide me their IP addresses since they clearly have a problem with harrassment.

    And maybe Chaz and Joe would be more wise to come and say such derogatory comments to my face at a mutual meeting place, like the local RCMP office ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Suzanne

    and Joe, Chaz: ‘GROW UP’; and get your own blog rather than come here to ruin Sonnies.

    I am sure you will get plenty of visitors there..

    Otherwise, at least post your ip addresses and full names since you clearly want this to go somewhere further..

    Bring it on.

  • Suzanne

    Apologies Sonnie and all your friends who have had to read Chaz and Joes abuse, and unfortunately as a consequence, my replies to it, since they clearly never came to this site to contribute in the right manner, unlike everyone else that has.

    I’m choosing to ignore them from now on, but would fully appreciate if you could give me their full ip addresses. Thanks v much.

  • Suzanne

    Lastly, since some of us have had to read the rants of Joe and Chaz, unfortunately.

    Nothing irritates me more than bullies; online or in public. No one likes a bully incase one didn’t know that. They bully because they don’t get their own way, and can’t always have what they want; and more importantly, because they lack a quality that you hold. Think about that and you’ll more likely see the truth in it. Just remember Chaz and Joe; ‘Jealousy gets you no where’, and you’ll have to try so much harder if bringing me down is all you intend. Where did you two learn to follow, and be influenced by others, did you not realise that is a sign of a very weak person?

    You can’t, and won’t win, and that’s not a challenge, THAT’S a promise. Because I never let weak people like yourselves affect me; and neither should anyone else if they know better. If you don’t like what you read, then go elsewhere, or don’t read it; go back to your polluted site instead, since abuse is always accepted and promoted there.

    “You both have yourselves a nice day” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sonnie

    Hey Gang,

    Well, this kinda sucks. The President of India just left Hampi, she stayed for three days and the town sort of shut down. When I am finally allowed back in to town and can check my e-mail I find these rants. Arg.

    Will, Pete, good to hear from you boys. Patagonia is high on my list Will, I am just letting you get it all sussed out so you can drag me up something scary. Pete, I have in fact been working on my spinning back kicks, but I usually end up straining my neck or messing up my hair, so I quit.

    Joe and Chaz, thanks for your comments, I’m glad you enjoy visiting this site, it’s nice to share some pics and some travel thoughts, it’s especially good if you plan to come to Hampi one day. I’m sorry and apologize if you don’t always like the comments posted, I can understand your frustration, truly, but you don’t necessarily have to read them and you certainly don’t have to single anyone out.

    Suzanne, your comments are appreciated as well, but please take note that it is NOT appropriate to leave 8 different messages. And please try to refrain from using this as a message board as much as possible. If you have a comment, I think that is great and wonderful, if you have much more than that to say, then please e-mail your letter to me directly. I will not allow this to turn into a message board of negativity, IT WILL NOT happen. If this continues even for one extra minute I will shut this section down immediately, there is no room in our community for this behavior and NO Suzanne I will NOT send you their e-mail addresses,I’m not sure if I know who they are or not as I have met many people but PLEASE respect that I will respect their privacy and please use considerate and proper judgment when you are visiting this site, otherwise I will have to shut it down and that would suck.

    I’m sorry (to everyone) that it has come to this, but I am left with very little choice in the matter.

    I came here to submit some new pics and to talk about how this Japanese climber named Utaka, a customer service agent who has never before climbed, put on some shoes and completely….

    Screw it. I don’t even feel like writing anymore. Drained. I’m going to drink a Bang Lassi and lay in the shade.

  • Yo ‘S-Cheddar The Shreddar’. Dude. Yo yo yo yo to U and L-Cheddar. Hows Your Ass? I wish I was there with you with in the cave. We coulda owned them sucka’s.

    Can you bring me back a monkey please. Those little devils would make good company with our cats. So like I got things lined up as soon as you get back for the you know what.

    So then. Take care and keep the exploring to day time only champ.

    Can’t wait to see how flexible you are when you get back…. if you know what I mean.

    Mike Stripes

  • Lydia

    Me too. I’m glad your ok. I’d die without you.

  • Aunt Kim

    Dear Sonnie,

    What an amazing experience you are having!

    Just wanted to tell you how I love that picture you took of the “Man & His Monkey”.

    Totally National Geographic!!!

    Aunt Kim