SO, it took me about 3 hours to settle back into the lazy ways of Hampi life.  We climbed yesterday evening around the sandwhich roof area.  My friend Rohit (pronounced Row-Heed) is an excellent climber and an ever better tour guide.  He keeps telling me of open projects and I don't think I have the energy nor the skin for some of them, but I am sure as hell going to try.  I made a few first ascents since my arrivial, nothing too momumental, a few 7b and 7b+'s, but good lines and solid rock, sorry no pictures.  But it's not really even worth mentioning, there is just so much bloody rock here that a first timmer could walk out and climb something new, every day for the rest of their life.  There is more rock here than I have ever seen, the rock continues for over 60 kilometers, but I think it's best to not get carried away with "the grass is greener" syndrome, if you do, you may never enjoy the peaceful serenity that is sitting ten paces from your hut.  Take things in slowly here. As the yogi's say, slowly slowly.  Same same.

Rohit is trying to put together a guidebook for this place, which is certainly a good idea, but it must feel like a stargazer trying to map the sky, it's always changing and ever expanding.   I say good luck.  He is poor, from Dehli and trying to raise some money for the project, so if you'd like to support his cause let me know and I'll get you in touch with him, see what can be worked out. We also want to get him out of India and over to Canada sometime.   Maybe this Sept to Squamish?   Here is a picture of him pulling down.

and here is another picture of a group of us on yet another (boring) classic.  See if you can recognize which one of the group is currently living in Vancouver?  Here is a hint, she's from England and carries a good sense of humor. 


and here is a picture of Lydia, Lana and myself in Mysore at our appartment, a quick arms length snap shot.

Okay, I'm out, typing on this board is a bitch, my fingers hurt so bad toilet paper feels like sandpaper and this keypad feels like …well much worse than that.  We are going for a motorbike ride this after noon, should cost us a whopping 3 dollars for about 2 hours, then we'll suck back a few coconut waters and head long into the vast ocean of granite, going to check out the lake area.  I hear they got more boulders over there as well, sheeeeeeeet.  I hope my fingers heal quickly, but whatever, the cliff jumping will be just as good, and more refreshing.


  • smj

    Minus 40 with wind chill in the bow valley – thinking of you two soaking up the heat. I had to rub the Buddha’s belly to get him running this morning…It’s a good thing for the yoga lounge or i’d be long gone south.

    Your posts and pic’s are great…hampi sounds incredible! Keep them coming – sending you both big hugs and a cold breath of fresh mountain air.

  • Mike and Apes

    You got any plans to go to Badami. Apparently they got some nice good clean unclimbed crack… if you know what I mean. Someone here was telling us a bit about it.
    Hope you are having a great time. You are missing all the terrible cold here you lucky dogs you!