OKay, sorry for the pause in entry’s, I know how you folk can get testy and down right nasty when there’s nothing happening. Nobody likes to be bored. Hmmm!

Joking – joking. So I am celebrating my third week in India, still got 6 – 7 more to go, YA-hoooooo! Traveling always brings out the inner mind for me. It makes me think that I could travel forever, live here, live there, live anywhere and everywhere, but just never in one place for too long. But, I also think how good we have it in Canada, that we even have the luxury to travel, it’s truly a blessing and one that we should more often be appreciative of. I’m trying.

In case you are just tuning in, my girlfriend Lydia and I are traveling through Southern India, and life is good. We spent our first 7 days in Hampi, climbing and hiking, then we took the over night train 12 hours south to Mysore a small city of 4 million, the Ashtanga capitol of the world. Hundreds and hundreds of yogi’s travel here to train and practice with some of the worlds best, most devoted. It’s truly an epicenter for Ashtanga and is where Patabi Jois (hope I spelled that correctly) began his journey into the science of yoga. The scene there was just as you may expect, people from all countries and races living and renting apartments to dedicate their time to this ancient art. They also study other courses like, Meditation, Chanting, and philosophy just to name a few. After class, the ‘Mat People’, (whom are not far different from the ‘Pad People’) roam the streets looking for fresh coconut water and good conversation. The food is good, nurishing and healthy, the people are interesting and on Friday nights, they party like Paris, (they don’t practice on Sat morning, a day of rest) My own yoga practice hovers around the 5.8/5.9 marker, I can do primary series but not without a guide. BUt all that came to a screeching halt when I found mysefl in the living room of a Acupressure doctor. By squeezing my hand he told me I have compromised my L4 and L5 and should not forward fold for another month. It turns out I injured it last winter when jumping down from a boulder and I just never let it heal, so I working on stretching other parts of the body, I took an acupressure course and learned how to self heal, from the inside out and I’ve been practicing meditation twice a day, soo KILLER.

Okay, but this site is about rocks and sometimes even climbing them, so I’ll spill about that for a sec. Last week, Lydia and I took a scooter, which are way more fun than they look, into the country to find some rocks, no bueno. It turns out the mountain of rocks we saw from far away were in turn a rock Quarry. We didn’t see this until the road looped around the other side, SUCH A BUMMER. We never even got that close, because the road into it was sort of private and too rough for our city scooter. But the climbing looked spectacular and there were clearly thousands of boulders on three different mountains. Such a bummer. Here is a lame ass pictures anyway, so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But alas, my two weeks in limber land was up and it felt time to head back north to Hampi for some pebble wrestling. I actually just got off the train, it’s 7:30 am time for some Chai and to look for a bunk to sleep on for tonight. Here is my advice for you if you travel here, come very, very light, if you think you don’t need it, leave it behind, you need nothing here, just a sense of imagination and good spirit. I did have to lay over in Bangalore for a while, that was a f%$#ing trip, the city is like 10 million or something, the fastest growing city in the WORLD. It’s a hard place to imagine living, they have slums and tent squatters for half a dozen miles, for lack of a better word it looks like a land fill with chunks of concrete scattered about, and where this district ends, the city world begins, it’s an ocean of people. I had to put away my camera, my brain was overloaded and I felt bad taking pictures of some of the more shocking things, (I’ll get into those gory details some other time, this after all is a family site, ha ha). I took a rickshaw to the downtown core of GM road, it’s a lot like Madison Square Garden, only more people, less air and much louder. Perfect.

Okay, I have been told they are throwing some sort of three day festival here in Hampi, I don’t know what it’s all about, but getting a boat across the river may be impossible, apparently everything and I do mean everything is shut down. I’ll speak to ya’ll in a few days. Spread the love and joy.


  • Danny

    ill be headin into hampi feb 6th for atleast a month, hope to see you guys out there if your still ’round, thxs for the insider info

  • Sonnie

    Hey Danny,

    NO worries, when you get to Hospet (train station) take a rickshaw to Hampi, 15 kms. It should not cost you more than 150 Rupees. Hampi, go to the other side of the river and go right across the rice fields ‘Goan Corner’. It’s quiet and peaceful and only 10 min walk from some of the best climbing. My friend Paul Bride arrives on the 11th, so it’ll be a good crew. Safe travels and see you soon.


  • Suzanne

    That’s the good thing about travelling, it broadens the mind, and it opens your eyes.

    Canada’s the best for sure, and BC is definately beautiful. I am happy I got my permanent residency through this month (even if I did have to drive to the border and back to make it official). My parents came and returned to the U.K and they loved it here, as much as Canada loved them, for they had only good times and everyone was so nice to them. As you all say over here.. “sweet!” 🙂