Does anyone out there know what Karoshi is?  It is a word they have in Japan, it directly means, "Death By Overworking".  Basically a heart attack.   Shit, that seems absolutely crazy to me, that this death by over working thing happens so frequently that they actually have a proper name for it.  They got heaps of records of young men, like 22 and 23 dropping dead at their desk after an 80 or 90 hour work week.  The body just cannot sustain that much stress.  And so it begins in North America as well, we just don't have a name for it yet, maybe "workaholic" or how about "dumbass".   Will Gadd has a quote on his site, something about laying on your death bed and wishing you had spent more time with loved ones or outside or reading or climbing or swimming, anything but working.  This is maybe just me, but I'd rather die doing or trying to do something incredibly fun with a smile on my face rather than kick the bucket staring at some computer screen, but I suppose anything can happen, so I should not be so judgemental, but hey they really DO have a word for this, Karoshi, so maybe there's something to be said.

So then today, I was in a small book store downtwon Mysore, (which for the record looks and feels like New York city all packed into one square block) anyway, I see this book which cover reads, "77 ways to reduce stress".  This author was a wanker in my opinion, sorry if I am offending anyone and I hope he doesn't make a million dollars selling it to people looking for ways to de-stress before they die.  It's not that hard, if you need to read a book, I fear you may need more help than that book can provide.

I decided I would write my own book.  It's going to be a best seller, I can feel it now, '7 ways to reduce stress' Chapter 1…

1. Breathe in.

2. Breathe out.

3. Go outside.

4. Stretch.

5. Drink more water, eat organic fruit and vegetables and not so much pizza and burgers.

6. Find a job you love, if you can't find one – create one.

7. Find people you love, it's easier done then said – just smile and say hello. 

If I had to give readers one more bonus chapter, if I absolutely had to, I might say go to Hampi.


Just a thought, best wishes to all.


  • S-Radical

    I purchased your book yesterday. I especially like the cover. Who is that beautiful woman doing yoga? Can I get her number?

    It’s dark in Canmore, which is to say I’ve actually risen before the sun. It is too cold outside to sit on the balcony and look to the east. So, instead, I’ll sit in my kitchen, wait for sunshine, and look on my to do list for the day. First thing: breath in.

    Hope you are well. Peace, love, and all that other hippie bullshit.


  • Suzanne

    ha ha ha.. I agree with you Sonnie, your book would be a great success as that is exactly all you need to do to de-stress. Plus recognise the stressor causing you the stress, then eliminate that so it causes you no more. Work can be stress, so maybe a change of job, I sometimes am tempted to work in a coffee shop (no stress there!), just giving out cups of coffee.. easy.

    You need to add ‘A big hug’ to that list of yours. All I want when I feel run down sometimes is a big hug; obviously, only from someone close to you, otherwise it doesn’t hold the same benefit.

  • Dear Sonnie,

    Hehehe, that’s exactly the way life should be ! I’m back to France since a week now… and yesterday I did some shopping for my wall. I was between the staplers and the printing papers. After a short while I just stopped myself in the middle of the shelves… realising that I’ve restarted to run and run…. Fortunatly I’ve made my life the one I would like to live, so I dont think I’m one of those who are gonna die on their 24’s, sticked on their desk !

    Anyway, this pic of Lydia and me on the side of Cristal Ball is like a “breathe in”. Watching it, I was just like smiling and thinking ” hi ya ! Hope you’re fine…”.

    I’m agree with Suzanne, who I dont know, so “Hello Suzanne, nice to meet you !”. The 8th article should be “Hug the people you love,each time you wish…”.

    Each night since I’m back here, I get back to Hampi, and the story goes on with all the guys I’ve met. Crazy, isn’t it ?! Hopefully You’re as fine as you are in my dreams !

    Warm thoughts and loads of hugs to Lydia and you,


  • Sonnie


    Wonderful to hear from you. The internet is running on battery power, so time is limited, but thank you for the message, and thank you again for your incredible energy. I can’t wait to share more pictures with you, there are some good ones for sure.

    I am now back in Hampi, arrived today, Lydia is safe and sound in Mysore dedicated to her practice, but I know if she could be in two places at the same time, her other self would be back here as well. She is here in spirit and so are you and Syl and all the other members of Team France.

    Enjoy your time in Nice and I will keep posting some more pictures. So stay tuned. Hugs from us right back at ya.

    Cory, you are such a hippy.
    Suzanne, I think I agree, the eight chapter is officially ‘hugging’. Nice thought.

    Okay, same bat time, same bat channel, but different.

  • Suzanne

    Hello Angel, I like your name (very nice), it makes me think you must be one.

    I haven’t met you, Sonnie, Lydia etc yet myself, but one day soon I hope (we have at least one thing in common; which is, ‘a nice group of friends’.

    I aim to visit the Rockies this summer, and I’ll be climbing at Skaha as well as Squamish this summer for sure, so you never know 😉

    I’ve got leave in March but friend (I hug alot) is over in March; and my next leave after March is September.. so maybe it will be September I visit the Rockies.

    Take care, and “always hug the ones you love” (friends and family alike).