Worlds Best (undisputed champ)

This latest blog entry has nothing to do with Hampi or even India, but it does have to do with climbing, and being the best.  About two weeks ago I offered an opporunity to imortalize anyone who thought that by having the most fun, THEY would earn the title of Worlds BEst Rock CLimber.  I have had quite a few emails regarding this topic and I appreciate them all, but since, my time is fairly limited here in India, I shall stick to the ones that I got in order.  The first one being from a good 'ol cowboy friend named pete.  Ahh, but it is not pete who is the worlds best, although I know he's got potential, this time it is his better half.  This months "Worlds Best CLimber" the first of 2008 goes to the following e-mail.  If you think you can earn this honor then send along your story and your photo and you will have your chance be judged by millions.  Hoo Hoo Ha ha!   Bring it on, I double dog dare you…
hey Sonnie, merry christmas! 
it is worth mentioning that your blog does make me chuckle whenever i stop by, thanks for providing that levity.
i figured i should send you this shot of my lovely wife, topping out what might be the first female, onsight, free solo 14a… in loafers!  the route is called Stromwater Outfall, (here in calgary, they grade the routes at the top, so you can see how good you are ONLY if you succeed!)
take it easy bro
Thanks pete for your kind words and enthusiasm and to your wife, for showing us all what is really possible.
  • pete

    sweet. that’s what i’m talkin aboot!

  • Dick…how could you???!!!!??? You AND Lydia said my ass looked hot in my lulu lemon pants. I respect my manhood, and I respect your opnion, but I feel so lost…confused…and hurt to know that it was all lies.

    Argentine beef and Malbec delight me…as do the women. Perhaps my lulu attire is the reason none of them will talk to me. That or the fact that I don’t know spanish.

    I love you.

    dick richards

  • Sonnie

    Ha ha,

    Cory, the reason I didn’t say anything is because those are not officially ‘tight’. They are however boarderline. You pull them off, well, but just barely. Ha ha. Good to hear from you, I hear those South American beauty’s like flowers and songs, better excercise your voice a little sport! Good luck and remember, Gordon Loves you.

    back at ya.

  • Sonnie


    Dude, I just noticed the technique in that heel hook, seriously – notice the way she brings that leg right up beside her hand, the way many of us wish we could. Great pic, thanks again.