eye candy!

OKay, finally was able to pull up some images, these ones are soft and in jpeg format, I have been shooting raw format since then and that makes things even harder to upload and reformat, but I am working on it and as soon I can, you'll get a sneak peek.

In short, Mysore is a wonderful place, a city of over one million people but we are living in the Gokulam region which is proving to be the Beverly Hills of Southern India, lot's of beautiful Villa's and cafe's, good shopping and like I said before the world's best yoga, just be prepared to rise at dawn for your practice, it's better that way.  Okay, some pictures of last week…next week, more..




  • smj

    hey sonnie –

    lydia told me to check here to see some pic’s from the adventures…looks and sounds amazing thus far!!

    keep the dialogue coming – drink a chai on the train for me! enjoy mysore – breath deep, avoid yoga gossip…and whatever you do, don’t let them crank you in backbends…
    thinking of you guys in canmore…

  • Suzanne

    Watch out Sonnie, Lydia will be following you up 5.12’s soon enough, and may even overtake you 😉

  • Sonnie,

    Met you at the RRG past October. Found your blog, and then got excited when I learnt you were visiting my home country (india!) Great pics. Glad that you survived the ‘delhibelly’. Hope to follow in your footsteps in the next yr or so and climb at badami, hampi and then do some ashtanga at mysore.

    have fun, keep truckin’ and stay away from hooch (indian country liquor)!


  • Sonnie

    You are sincerely missed over here, you and your brother would truly enjoy this place, maybe more than anyone else I know. Thanks for the note and keep checking in for more pictures, they are bound to come along soon. Best wishes.

    Lydia already climbs 5.12 and it’s quite terrifying how strong her fingers can be. I’m not worried though, I could use a good ropegun.

    Of course I remember meeting you, over by the dark side, or was it sunny side? Your home land is just simply amazing, of all the countries I’ve been to, India is by far my most memorable trip, and we have two more months left to go. So excite. Next year you have to come over, maybe I’ll see you here, a return trip is already in the making. CHeers.